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Tuesday, March 19, 2013


It is a blessing to have the opportunity to create lovely things for a living.
My "real job" as an interior designer is fulfilling but surprisingly not always as rewarding as some of my smaller projects. I have many requests for special orders in my shop from handmade floral arrangements to shell embellished mirrors to vintage inspired jewelry to my quirky little dresses. But my number one requested items are still custom made wreaths. 
For 20 years I have been filling orders for the amazing people who visit my shop. Just like the wonderful people that enter my two jobs are ever the same.  

I have been running ragged for weeks but when this sweet British lady came into my shop and requested to have wreaths made from the shells she collected here on Sanibel...
how could I possibly say no...?

I had to give them a test run on the front doors of my shop before they could be delivered.

It warms my heart to make people happy.

No matter how crazy the store becomes...or how quickly the magazine deadline is approaching...or how many floor plans need to be reviewed...I love to work in my little shop in the quiet hours of the night filling orders for my very special customers. Sometimes I moan about work loads piling up around me...but as I stand in the workroom in the wee hours of the night with a glue gun in hand I have to be thankful for every single opportunity that I have been given. It's not the size of the's the fact that people continue to cross the threshold of my little shop. God willing, I will continue to fill in my shop...make pretty dresses...develop design the online business...and meet magazine deadlines. There would not be a Surroundings by Melinda with YOU.
Thank you for allowing me to be able to do what I do!