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Wednesday, September 13, 2017

cute condo ...part two

As promised...
here is part two of the cute condo tour.
The unit is only a one bedroom,
but size doesn't matter!
It's so beautifully beachy
with a touch of classic elegance.
The color of the driftwood toned hardwood floors is reiterated throughout the room. The top of the bedside tables...

The pattern and the colors of the accent pillows, mirrors the palette of the living and dining areas.

The inspiration is truly the surroundings...
...the Gulf of Mexico...
There are no better accessories
than the ones made by Mother Nature.
Every bedroom needs to have an area for reading, dressing or simply daydreaming. 

Lighting is also important in bedrooms.
Candlelight is always in style...

The sunlight streaming through the windows highlights the incredible treasures from the sea.

I would like to think that if a mermaid needed a home on land, this just might be her choice!
Thanks for taking the tour...

Monday, September 4, 2017

cute condo...part one

With summer coming to an end, we shift our attention to the approaching autumnal season. I thought I would share a condo I designed as a model for a lovely complex near Sanibel Island. I don't know if I was subconsciously missing home, but once it was finished I could clearly see hints of a fall color palette straight out of the hills of West Virginia.
It's fun and funky...

When decorating small spaces,
I think it's important to keep the accessories
to a select few special items
like this blown glass vase.  

Mixing old with new, hard lines with soft furnishings and unexpected touches (like river stones in a lamp) create unique and interesting spaces.

Repurposed old wooden shutters were used to make this amazing storage console table.

It is also a good idea to have a balance...
symmetry is key for rooms that don't have a lot of square footage.

Open concept floor plans allow for additional seating...

...that can be used in the living area
when company arrives.

A simple yet elegant table setting can be enjoyed every day or for special occasions.

Even though a fall color scheme is pretty clear, it does seem to mesh the best of northern and southern colors. It was a fun project. I will share the rest of the images in part two of this little condo tour. Thanks for visiting! I really appreciate it.

Thursday, August 31, 2017

my kitchen

Not so very long ago I posted about my love of aqua...
like it needs to be stated...???
But I really do love it!
Maybe it's because I now live on an island
surrounded by the Gulf of Mexico.
The color is everywhere!
Even though I have been an interior designer for 24 years, if you follow my blog or articles in decorating magazines, you know that I don't "follow the rules". One rule (if we're going to call it that)I will follow is to fill your home
with inspiration from your surroundings.
A few years ago, my tiny kitchen was featured in the magazine Where Women Cook.
I even got the cover
(ignore me while I have my moment of overwhelming pride).
I have surrounded myself with beachy things, garden things
and the colors of the sea.
I would like to share it again in case you missed it...

Here is a little tour...
As you come around the corner into my kitchen, the first thing you will notice that it isn't fabulous. Or fitted with the best high-end cabinets or appliances.

I know those things are terribly important to some people.
I just want to love my kitchen and surround myself with things that make me smile...

I have an old salvaged farm sink that sometimes has to double as my potting bench. You know my addiction to lovely flowers... 

These are actually IKEA cabinets...

...but you know I would have to add my own flair.

The small table, pitchfork and mountain of vintage picnic baskets show my West Virginia country roots. 

Although I might not have what some would call a sophisticated palate, it doesn't mean I avoid my kitchen. Quite the contrary! I can make a mean peanut butter sandwich and a batch of my mom's chocolate chip cookies!

I am so honored to not only be in WWC but to be featured on the cover. It was really special. Plus it gave me the opportunity to show that I really don't follow any decorating rules. I surround myself with colors and objects that bring me joy. I sure hope you will do the same! Thanks for taking the tour...

Monday, August 21, 2017

precious powder room

As my "sea shell inspired month" of August continues,
I thought I would share a little powder room
that is as easy breezy (and adorable) as can be!

White walls are brought to life with the thoughtful application of adorable hand painted birds and sea grass...
Be creative with the placement of the stencils.

Look at the architectural features of the room as places that can be used for display. The flat chair rail above the bead board makes a tiny shelf for displaying a collection of small sea shells.  

Storage space for hand towels and wash cloths is a must in bathrooms yet space in this room is quite limited. The solution is a vintage coat tree and a few natural woven baskets.

With a couple of stencils and a neutral palette of acrylic paints, you too can create a special design feature in your home.

If you're intimidated by hand painting walls in your home, start small. A powder room is an ideal space to practice.'s just paint. If you don't like the results you can always paint over it! Happy decorating...

Saturday, August 12, 2017

collecting seashells

I always thought collecting shells meant going to the beach but now I know there is another kind of shell collecting.
I once wrote an article for Victorian Homes magazine about these intricate and charming sea shell creations.
I was hooked...
From Victorian times through the 1950's,
creating shell crafts was a popular pastime.

Everything from pin cushions to perfume bottles... diminutive figurines.

There are all sorts of shell collectables you can search for at flea markets and thrift shops. Like this precious tiny calendar...

...and these unusual match boxes!
Even though I live at the beach now, I still think of August as the shell collecting month. Growing up we would try to take a family vacation and get away to the beach before school started.
I never came home empty handed. We would have suitcases full of shells (and sand) that we would proudly bring home every year.
I never made anything this spectacular.
Nowadays, I do hunt for these precious treasures. 
Maybe this will encourage you to start a new collection.
Happy hunting!

Monday, July 31, 2017

summer beach cottage

Wonderful things come in small packages.
This precious waterfront cottage is no exception.
Situated on the bay of a small island is this darling cottage.
It is a renovated old fishing cottage.
Enjoy the tour...
The original hardwood floors were beautifully restored.

A new kitchen was thoughtfully selected
to maintain the vintage feel of the home.

Is there anything better than enjoying breakfast or morning tea while watching for dolphins?

The small dining area has loads of character.

Sleeping in this room is like living in a dream.

Small rooms don't have to mean small furnishings.

Accessories should reflect your surroundings.
This mirror is fit for a beach queen.

This cottage is right out of a fairytale.
No wonder it has a princess room! 

Where a mermaid would love to vacation... 

I hope your summer vacations are spent in special places surrounded by your favorite things.
Thanks for taking the tour!