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Sunday, December 24, 2017

merry christmas from the garden

Since so much of the country is heading for a winter deep freeze, I thought I would share some holiday warmth from the deep South.
I photographed this precious winter scene a few years ago for Romantic Homes magazine.
I thought this would be the perfect time to share a few more photos from that special day to warm your heart.
To all my gardening friends...


I might be dreaming of a white Christmas...but I am so happy that I can dream of snow but live in my garden!
Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas...

Sunday, December 10, 2017

ready for more...?

I am obsessed with ephemera!
Especially around the holidays.
How about another paper project?
Old papers, cards and letters are so beautiful. Here is a short tutorial on how-to make one of my favorite paper ornaments. It is a nod to the past...
1. Start by finding some old cards. You can make copies of some of your favorites or use clip art if you don't want to cut up old original images.
2. Then find a circle template that is 2 to 3 inches in diameter. I used a juice glass as you can see in the image below.
3. Now cut out the circles. Each ornament requires 6 circles of the same diameter.

4. Now fold each circle as to create a square shape in the center of the circle. (See image below.)
5. Make a 3 inch ribbon loop (cut the ribbon into 8 inch pieces for a 3 inch loop). This will be the hook used to hang the ornament.
6. To assemble the ornament, use paper glue (a glue stick works well), glue the folded edges together to create a cube.
Remember to tuck the ribbon loop into the cube before the final panel is glued into place.

I like to assemble a lot of these little beauties at one time. I hang them on my tree, on garlands and on gift boxes. They also make lovely favors for dinner pary guests. 

For a special treat for kids, you can hide little treats or money in each ornament. Then let the kiddos tear into them!

Feel free to copy the images below to get you started!

For those of you who follow my magazine articles, you might remember seeing versions of this idea! It was featured in Romantic Homes and Flea Market Decor magazines. Thank you for supporting me throughout the years!!!

This is a great project to get you into the holiday spirit. Maybe you can throw a kids (or adults) holiday crafting party! Frost sugar cookies and assemble ornaments. Don't forget to invite me sounds like fun!

Friday, December 1, 2017

christmas clip art

How about a few fun and easy crafts to get you in the holiday mood?
Clip art love!
Make a simple gift tag by gluing an image to a packing label.
Or make beautiful greeting cards with scrapbook papers, bits of lace and tiny buttons...

Make a cone out of a greeting card. Then glue on a ribbon handle and button embellishments. Fill the cones with tiny treats and hang them on your tree or around your home. They make adorable gifts for holiday guests.

Glue an image or a card to a piece of foam core, mat board or poster board. Glue ribbon or tinsel around the edge and make a hanger out of a piece of gold string. ornament!

Glue a pretty image to a glass bottle. Next, use floral wire to create a hanger. Embellish with greenery or precious berries.

I turned this vintage image into a place card...

I thought this image was so beautiful. I enlarged it, made copies and cut out the heart shape. On the back is the dinner menu. It's a lovely table decoration and a take-away for your dinner guests!
Click on the images below and save them to your computer...then you too can make some fun and easy holiday crafts

Feeling crafty? I sure hope so! You can find a lot of other terrific holiday ideas on the Romantic Homes blog. You'll see some of my ideas featured there along with other wonderfully creative contributors. It's a great place to go to be inspired!
Have fun...

Sunday, November 19, 2017

crazy for cutters

I think you are going to notice a theme...
I'm decorating the kitchen again!
Over the past few weeks while I was digging through my kitchen collectibles for fall decor, I came across my hoard of vintage cookie cutters.
Although I was decorating for fall, I couldn't hardly wait to use these charming cookie cutters for the beginning of my winter holiday decorating!!!
I tie them onto wreaths...

Hang them on sugar bowls...

Place them on my cabinet handles...

Tuck them into cute vignettes...

Sometimes I even use them!!!

But then again, I get lazy and make a lot of drop cookies. Then I can use the cookie cutters for placecard holders.

When I go out thrifting, there are a few things (actually thousands of things hahahah) that call to me. Cookie cutters are on that list. And I am honest enough to say that I will never ever feel like I have too many. I put them everywhere...

My favorites are those I remember from my childhood. This Santa and reindeer are at the top of my list of heart-warming faves...

My precious kitchen angel is even adorned with a tiny cutter...

Decorating with treasured collections is a wonderful practice all year long, but it is even more special around the holidays.
Writing this post really did warm my heart.
I can't believe Christmas is right around the corner...

Wednesday, November 8, 2017

focusing on fall

I am officially inspired!
After looking back over the tour of Kelly's collections and beautiful home, I am ready to keep digging through my kitchen collectables in search of more fall d├ęcor.

I love using my tattered old dress form to display all sorts of vintage clothing...depending on the season. For fall, she proudly dons an old apron. I also love to display everything from eggs to apples in my old metal egg baskets.

Juicers are not typically associated with late fall, but now that I live in South Florida, this is the season for picking fresh limes, oranges and lemons!

I am crazy for old grinders and this one fits right into the decor with the pretty apple red metal ring around the lid.

Potato mashers are pulled out of the cabinet and ready for dispaly...soon it will be time to put them to work making Thanksgiving dinner!

My rolling pins are workhorses. I still love to give them a place to be herished in my kitchen.

It may seem a little silly to change the salt and pepper shakers for each season. But I have so many sets that I love! Changing them from time to time gives me a chance to appreciate them!

I wish I had vintage scales in every color. Since mine are black, they take center stage this time of year!

I think wooden spoons are underappreciated because they are so utilitarian. Yet I love them beause they do work so hard! Plus they remind me of generations past. I feel like I'm cooking with my grandma...even if only in spirit!

I was inspired to dig through my collections in search of fall decor. Now I hope you are inspired too!