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Tuesday, March 24, 2020

coastal farmhouse

Well, I think it's pretty clear that I have a very eclectic style. Here is yet another mash up of styles that I adore.
Coastal Farmhouse
It makes perfect sense.
I grew up in West Virginia then I moved 12 years ago to a little island in the gulf of Mexico.
It's the perfect pairing.

Farmhouse wooden antiques.

Natural fibers.

Vintage nautical accessories.

Creamy, dreamy whites.

Treasures from the sea.

Together it creates a comfy
idyllic surroundings.

I have said so many times before, there are no rules when it comes to decorating your home. Surround yourself with the things you love and it will feel like home.

Saturday, March 21, 2020

isolating but not isolated

For those of you who know me,
I'm pretty much a hermit.
So being quarantined is not that unusual.
It can be really hard for some people though.
I'm not making light of a truly difficult time. What if you take some time to turn off the news and have a pretty moment for yourself and or someone you love.
A tea party for one...or two.
Kick off your boots
and set a pretty table.

Bake a sweet treat.

Place some pretties around.

Fill a vase or gorgeous pitcher
with flowers.

And if tea and cookies aren't enough,
wine is a good option too!

I guess I will expand my party
to make room for one more...

How can I turn down this face?

I wish I could invite you all to sit at my table. But in these tough times we need to find other ways to connect. Please reach out to me here, on Facebook or message me any time.

I can wrap you with a hug from afar and send a prayer.
We're all in this together.

Tuesday, March 17, 2020

happy st. patrick's day

It feels like the world around us
has changed drastically.
It's very scary and unsettling.
So I would like to offer a moment of humor
to all of my junking friends...
That is so funny
yet wonderfully true.

I think we need more than
the Luck 'O the Irish this year.
We need prayer, patience, kindness and
love for one another.
Do what you can to help,
even if it's to offer up a silent prayer.
Happy St. Patrick's Day
to you and yours.
PS. I miss you Grandma.
My very Irish grandmother passed away
many years ago on St. Patrick's Day.

Friday, March 13, 2020


I've been thinking about my last post and I think I left out a few things. I don't often buy "new" or modern things for my home. But I do have a few pieces of modern industrial things...
they just don't look new!
This gorgeous rolling cart looks like an old factory piece but it's new! I was given this item years ago to photograph for an online shop. It was such a blessing to work with them!!!

Can you believe these details? They look beautiful
and have a real worn industrial look!

Although I don't use a landline often, a phone is a must. But I don't like anything that looks modern. So here is a great solution! This phone was a Pottery Barn find. Wonderful!
Fans are a must in Florida!
Look at this little beauty.
It looks so vintage but it is new
and cools like a charm!
It's made by Holmes. 

This funny little guy isn't old
but he was made from reclaimed metal.
Notice his bottle top eyes!
It's industrial art. Fun! 

I thought I needed to add these things to my last post about industrial décor. It's a nice touch to all the creamy whites and natural woods in my home.

Tuesday, March 10, 2020

industrial design

There have been so many occasions in which I have been asked "what is your personal style"? That is such a hard question to answer. I would say modern shabby coastal farmhouse.
Not sure that's a style but it's my style! And to make it even more eclectic, I add industrial things to my décor.
Wow, sounds like a mess!
Here are some of my favorite
industrial pieces.
I simply adore this rolling cart!
I refinished the wooden top,
And the details make it
interesting and special.

Shoe makers forms are a must have
for this collection!

The small sizes are especially precious.

There is something so
beautiful about old watches and clocks.

Not only are they miniature
works of art...
but they remind me
of my Grandfather's pocket watch.

I am also obsessed with old boxes.
I have wooden boxes everywhere.
And these mix in well...
They make me think of my daddy's garage.

 The best way to think about mixing industrial items with your décor is to "soften" them.
1. mix with pretty white accessories
2. add real plants
3. incorporate some natural wood finishes.
 These are the keys to blending
industrial materials into my décor.

Saturday, March 7, 2020

shopping in my closet

I am ready to go shopping
in my closet again!
Here is my inspiration outfit
from the Sundance Catalog...
I adore comfortable living but I also try to be a little put together. I don't always succeed but it's a good goal!
This inspiration outfit from the catalog
top $98.00
pants $118.00
belt $70.00
necklace $198.00
I have a ridiculous number of tops in cream and white. And I live in cotton and linen. But when I saw this beautiful image in the catalog I was inspired to elevate my look by adding some special accessories.
TJ Maxx top $12.00
wide leg capris thrift store $7.00

I have had this leather necklace since high school and I have worn it so many different ways. Best of all it came from a garage sale. I just recently bought these earrings at Goodwill! And you won't believe that I bought these flips at the Dollar General.
necklace $1.00
earrings $3.00
flips $6.00

This vintage beauty was found at a local thrift shop. I love it and it has a beautiful hand made quality.
vintage belt $3.00

It's not a fancy or complicated look and I bet just about anyone could pull together this look with inspiration from Sundance.
So here is a quick recap...
Sundance outfit $484.00
Shop in my closet $32.00
(And my outfit includes shoes and earrings!!!)
So I'm feeling put together and ready to face the day in my easy casual inspired outfit.

Tuesday, March 3, 2020

almost as good as the real thing

Just recently someone asked what I thought about using faux plants and flowers. Most designers really look down on the practice. But I have found that there are beautiful items available and in a pinch they can really be helpful.
I have styled and designed homes, condos and commercial businesses for 25 years. The artificial plants have been a savior!
I have even designed many model units.
Plants add a fresh lived-in appeal.
Faux plants are the only way to go.

Not low maintenance
but no maintenance.

Plants like succulents and fern
can look so realistic!

Orchids are a good choice too.

Even wreaths can be made from
artificial plants!

I hope this has shown that faux plants can be stylish and very realistic! Give it a try...

Friday, February 28, 2020

it's here!

Isn't it an awesome feeling when you order something online and it exceeds your expectations!!!
I am thrilled!
I wrote a post not so long ago about gardening inside when the weather is too inclement to be outdoors. I shared my love of working with succulents.
So I went on Amazon and ordered some succulent cuttings from a couple of different companies.
The first to arrive was from

This was the first of my orders to arrive.
Beautifully packaged in this little box...
I removed the fluffy cotton and I saw
these perfectly preserved little gems...
The description read "no two alike" and it was true. I ordered 10 cuttings and there were actually 11 and 3 had pups!
 I already have some cuttings and
I want to make something special.
Using a small vintage wooden box and some tiny terra cotta pots, I decided to make a little succulent "window box".
The cuttings have already hardened over
and are ready to plant in my cactus soil mix.
It turned out perfectly!
I couldn't be happier with the finished project.
And I couldn't be happier with the order from
If you're wanting to purchase the same items I ordered, simply click on the name above and it will take you to the Amazon link.
Happy gardening!!!