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Tuesday, May 31, 2016

starting summer

I hope you all had a terrific Memorial Day weekend!
I guess this means summer has officially started.
I thought I would share some photos of a painted porch
with loads of painting projects that will be sure to inspire.

An old window gets a fresh coat of paint and a mirror
to be transformed into a handsome piece of art.

A painted floor sets the stage for beautiful painted wicker...

Although white is often the color of choice for wicker,
this lovely warm shade of brick red
gives these antique wicker chairs a new life.

Red, white and blue is the perfect color palette
for a classically comfortable screened porch.

No need for area rugs outside to constantly clean,
but if you love the look...
just paint one right onto the floor!

All you need is some paint, painter's tape,
a pencil and a tape measurer.

Give your old watering cans a new look with
a quick coat of cheerful sunny yellow spray paint.
Paint a thrift shop bird house...

...and add a couple of fresh green plants... create a special yet simple centerpiece.

It is a treat when the porch is as beautiful
as the surrounding grounds.

For a fun summer accessory, paint a block of wood
in bold primary colors to resemble an old crab trap buoy.

Stencil block letters for an authentic look!

A tiny metal chair really stands out
once it is coated with vibrant blue paint.

Let your artistic side out and paint a mural
then frame it behind an old window frame.
If you don't have free-hand painting skills,
find an image online and enlarge it to fit the window.

Turn an old scrap of wood into a vintage looking sign
with a bit of creativity
and an easy stencil or transfer appliqué.

Once your porch furniture is uncovered after a long winter,
consider giving it a fresh coat of paint.
Everything is fair game!
From floors to walls to furniture to accessories.
It's an inexpensive way to give your outdoor living spaces
a new look just in time for picnic season!
Happy Summer...

Sunday, May 8, 2016

happy mother's day

I just want to wish a very special
Happy Mother's Day to my mom and best friend...
Moms should be put on a pedestal every single day.
Especially on Mother's Day!
I wish I could be with my mom today but since we're very far apart on this special day I would like to share a virtual Mother's Day brunch with my mom and all of you...

Dust off the china and air out the linens...

No need to match a thing
when florals and lace are the theme...

Create a tussy mussy with a few perfect blooms
in a pretty sugar bowl...
Set the table for a precious tea party...

Don't spend much time fretting over the menu...

Simplicity is key...

Be transported back in time... fond memories of mother and daughter time.

I wish I was there to give you a hug
and treat you like the queen you are...

To mom's everywhere...thank you for all you do!

I love my mom!!!
Happy Mother's Day

Friday, April 22, 2016

unusual plantings...

Few things in life bring me more joy than time spent in my garden.
I love being surrounded by simple things like flowers, birds and butterflies. It brings a peace that can only be found in nature. Combining my love of gardening with my passion for thrifting and a hefty dose of creativity is the perfect recipe for happiness. In honor of Earth Day I thought I would share some smiles. Here are some whimsical and witty planting ideas...Enjoy!
weathered flea-market bird cages...

look closely...
there's an old pair of blue jeans in here...

terra cotta pots come to life...
a guardian of the garden

air plants play along...

and create a beautiful song
on these retired musical instruments...

hard working ladders and rusty old paint cans
are given a second career...

old sconce lights not working...?
no problem, just flip it upside-down

and my very favorite...
old Wellies!

it's hard not to smile...
every creature who enters is happy to stay

I hope you had a lovely Earth Day!
Look for ways to surround yourself with happiness
no matter how silly it might seem to the rest of the world!

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

spring inspired

There are so many different styles that I love but when it comes to decorating my home I tend to keep it simple. I have a very neutral palette of natural dark wood antiques, white slipcovers and loads of ironstone. But there is one place in my home that takes me back to my inner childhood. The entire top floor of my home is my studio space. It is a sitting room, a work space, sewing room, drafting area and so much more. This space lives in a perpetual season of spring and is filled with things that make my inner little girl smile. I think we all deserve a place that makes us feel happy, safe and inspired. I would like to share mine with you...

My favorite rescue chair pulled from a dumpster many moons ago.
I never settled on the perfect fabric so I decided to recover it using an old quilt...

It may be a simple beginner sewing machine
but I really love it...

A work room wouldn't be complete without aprons...

I was very fortunate to have my little space featured
in an issue of Where Women Create magazine...
And I do have a swing...

...and a drafting area with a lovely view atop the palm trees...


...and when it's time for an afternoon siesta
this is the perfect place to daydream...

...of course I fill every nook and cranny with my collections...

You might remember I shared some of my spring
inspiration in Romantic Homes...

(I really don't look anything like this when I'm working!)
One of my favorite projects in this space
was the sink re-do...
I shared the instructions in an issue
of Romantic Homes last year...

I do feel so fortunate to have my own little getaway
even if it is right under my own roof.
I don't need to go far to be inspired.
I can work for hours on end and it never really feels like work!
Thanks for joining me on a tour of my work space.
I hope you enjoyed it!