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Sunday, July 31, 2016

my happy place

Do you have a place that is so near and dear to your heart
that the rest of the world can be crumbling around you...
and you don't even notice?
 My garden is my safe haven.
All I have to do is pull up to my potting bench
and all the stressors in the world just melt away.
I thought I would share my happy place with you...
I feel very blessed to have this magical place
that is right outside my door.
I even sneak out at twilight just in case
a fairy might be visiting.
I hope that you too have a special place to go
where you can escape the pressures of the world.
Thank you for visiting my garden's potting bench.
I appreciate you taking the time to visit my happy place!

Thursday, July 7, 2016

summer hues of pink and blue

Garden season is in full swing...
There are few things I love more than gardening.
I love everything to do with gardening...
visiting them, reading about them, photographing them, anything.
I've been digging through a number of photos lately
and I'm starting to see a common theme.
Pink and blue are stunning summer colors!
Sitting pretty in a sunny spot...

...patiently awaiting the next gorgeous bloom.

I'm never alone in the garden.

Summer is full of colorful joy!

Every day new visitors arrive.

Now it's time to get cozy so collect the quilts...
...and find a place in the shade to enjoy the garden.

Now gather some floral dishes...

...and set a table...

...just in time for a sunset picnic.

One of my favorite guests arrives
just in time for a little treat too!
Thanks for stopping to enjoy a little summer break with me!
I hope you'll be back to visit again soon.
God bless you and yours...

Monday, June 27, 2016

sitting pretty

It's almost here...
the very fun, festive and patriotic 4th of July holiday!
It's a time to enjoy family, friends and a wonderful picnic.
The key word is ENJOY.
So don't fuss too much and make more work for yourself.
There are ways to make your picnic beautiful
without too much effort.

Think mix and match...

Dig through your cabinets and find anything
with red, white and blue colors.


A picnic basket and a vase of tiny flags
make a charming centerpiece.
 A small red votive cup
is a perfect vessel for a tiny blossom...

Red and blue vintage transferware mix effortlessly
with cheerful yellow dishes and pale aqua goblets.

Don't forget to pack the picnic before the fireworks!

Celebrate the holidays by making it
a beautifully memorable event for all of your guests...

...but keep it simple
so you can enjoy the festivities too!

Tuesday, May 31, 2016

starting summer

I hope you all had a terrific Memorial Day weekend!
I guess this means summer has officially started.
I thought I would share some photos of a painted porch
with loads of painting projects that will be sure to inspire.

An old window gets a fresh coat of paint and a mirror
to be transformed into a handsome piece of art.

A painted floor sets the stage for beautiful painted wicker...

Although white is often the color of choice for wicker,
this lovely warm shade of brick red
gives these antique wicker chairs a new life.

Red, white and blue is the perfect color palette
for a classically comfortable screened porch.

No need for area rugs outside to constantly clean,
but if you love the look...
just paint one right onto the floor!

All you need is some paint, painter's tape,
a pencil and a tape measurer.

Give your old watering cans a new look with
a quick coat of cheerful sunny yellow spray paint.
Paint a thrift shop bird house...

...and add a couple of fresh green plants... create a special yet simple centerpiece.

It is a treat when the porch is as beautiful
as the surrounding grounds.

For a fun summer accessory, paint a block of wood
in bold primary colors to resemble an old crab trap buoy.

Stencil block letters for an authentic look!

A tiny metal chair really stands out
once it is coated with vibrant blue paint.

Let your artistic side out and paint a mural
then frame it behind an old window frame.
If you don't have free-hand painting skills,
find an image online and enlarge it to fit the window.

Turn an old scrap of wood into a vintage looking sign
with a bit of creativity
and an easy stencil or transfer appliqué.

Once your porch furniture is uncovered after a long winter,
consider giving it a fresh coat of paint.
Everything is fair game!
From floors to walls to furniture to accessories.
It's an inexpensive way to give your outdoor living spaces
a new look just in time for picnic season!
Happy Summer...