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Monday, October 17, 2016

have a peek...

I decided to style and photograph my home
this year for my fall Surroundings article
in Romantic Homes magazine.
I love to share my personal style
and let people into my little world.
These are a few extras from the photo shoot.
I hope you will have a peek!
Although my home has a primarily neutral palette
I like to add a color or two each season.
This year it is blue and orange...

I love this dollhouse
and it made a lovely addition to the entry...

I can finally place my prized dry hydrangeas
front and center!
(who said you can't grow hydrangeas in south Florida)

Yes, my addiction to Ironstone is real!

Less isn't more.
More is more!
My antique French dress form
is getting into the spirit of autumn too.

For me, flowers are in season all year long...

These deep purple hydrangeas are perfection...

Here is my inspiration and my
"reason for the season"...
and his name is Pumpkin!

Thank you so much for taking the time to visit
my blog and my home!
I sure hope autumn is warming your heart
and you are enjoying the season...

Friday, September 30, 2016

warming up to fall

As the air gets cooler and the daylight grows short,
it's time to get cozy inside.
Warm things up by scenting your home
with the aromas of autumn.

Candles are always a good idea.
Add a beautiful ribbon or lace embellishment...

Potpourri is another wonderful way to introduce scent.
"Decorate" ready made potpourri by adding dried flowers
or fruit that coordinate with your home's color scheme.

Cozy up with a hot cup of tea...

Add cinnamon sticks for an aromatic warmth
and extra sweetness...

Extra cinnamon sticks can second as a simple and charming centerpiece when piled in a beautiful basket.  

Orange peels also add to the scent
and flavor of a hot cup of tea...

Warm up your home and heart as the weather gets cooler.

Just remember to appeal to all the senses!

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

the end of another chapter

Tomorrow is the first day of Autumn...
And beautiful inspiration is all around.
My version of fall changes every year.
I tend to be drawn to unconventional
seasonal color palettes.

This gorgeous page, out of an old book of poetry,
is so beautiful and inspirational.
It is a perfect yet unexpected autumnal palette!

Although I now live in a place where I am able to garden all year long, I will always cherish my fond memories of fall in my garden. Trying to harvest every last flower was a passion and I knew that it would be months before I could dig in the dirt again.

I remember cutting countless bundles of lavender
and hydrangeas to dry for my shop.

I will forever associate this beautiful window of time
as the season to put my garden to bed
and collect the fall harvest.
Dried lavender is an amazingly special scent.
It soothes the mind, body and soul...
Sachets make lovely hand-made gifts.

French milled lavender soaps and scented sugar scrubs
are perfect for pampering. 

Little Peanut loves her lavender bow...

This fall, look all around for your decorating inspiration.
Even in the pages of beautiful old books!

As they say...
when one door closes another one opens...
summer is ending but autumn is right around the corner!

Have a very happy First Day of Autumn,

Wednesday, August 31, 2016

lace lanterns

I'm so glad that my little lanterns are a hit!
I had a number of phone calls and messages
about the lace covered lanterns from my last post.
I'm more than happy to share the how-to instructions...
but you really won't believe
just how simple they are to make!
What you will need...
canning jars
galvanized wire
scraps of lace
needle and thread
scissors and needle nose pliers
1. Wrap wire around the neck of the jar.
2. Twist ends together and tuck the sharp end toward the jar.
3. Make the hanger using wire 1" longer than the desired finished length (an upside-down U shape).
4. Feed each end of the wire hanger into the wire around the jar neck (between the glass and the wire)at opposite sides of the jar.
5. Using the pliers, bend the wire hanger ends up to create a loop and crimp the ends to secure.
6. Cut a piece of lace as wide as the height of the jar and as long as the circumference of the jar.
7. Wrap the lace around the jar and stitch in place.
Fabric glue works well too!
*For a finished look, tuck the edges under
and hem prior to wrapping around the jar.
The finished jars can be filled with water and fresh flowers
or put some sand in the bottom with a candle for a stunning lantern. As the candlelight filters through the lace
even the garden fairies will be impressed.

Lace can be used throughout the garden in so many different ways.
Just remember to use linens that already have stains, holes or tattered edges. Never use precious heirlooms or valuable collectables that will be damaged by the elements.
This project and many other ideas for using lace in the garden were first featured in Flea Market Décor a few summers ago...

Thanks for the questions...keep 'em coming!

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

dressed in lace and linens

It is no secret how much I adore all things gardening.
I thought I would share some images of my garden.
Although it has been styled for several garden magazines,
I really do live in my garden.
She's not just another pretty face...
she's a hard working garden.
I wrote a portion of my favorite garden quote
by the ever-so-lovely Audrey Hepburn on the chalkboard...
"To plant a garden is to believe in tomorrow."
Welcome to my garden!

I have furnished the garden space
entirely with vintage treasures.
It reflects the same design philosophy
I apply to decorating the interior of my home. 

Vintage furniture, linens, accessories and mirrors.

One very special material I like to use
may be a little unexpected...lace.

I seem to have an endless collection of beyond shabby linens
that are a little too worn for the house.
So they go straight to the garden.

My favorite garden linen is this beautiful vintage hammock.

My potting bench is rarely clean
so it's great to have a photo to remember
what it's supposed to like
under loads of soil and garden cuttings.

I keep an Ironstone bowl outside as a washbowl.

A bar of soap is a must in my garden...

I use vintage tablecloths
with signs of wear and age as table skirts.

I do like to use indoor furnishings as plant stands.
They require several coats of polyurethane
to help protect against the elements.

Bits of architectural salvage
are also peppered throughout the garden.

Each year I do have a lot of painting touch-ups
but I don't's part of the fun!

I will put out some linens on vintage drying racks.
It's a better way to enjoy them than having them
stuffed into drawers and cupboards in the house.

My garden really is an additional living space of my home.
I live, laugh, work and relax in my garden.

As evening approaches the garden takes on
an entirely different personality.
The twinkle of the café lights illuminate the entire space
and special lace covered lanterns glow in the trees.

I hope you enjoyed this mini tour of my summer garden dressed in it's best lace and linen...

Until next time...and the next garden transformation!
Thanks so much for visiting...