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Monday, November 1, 2010

A New and Wonderful Favorite...

For anyone who has a love of orchids...and all things to beautify your home inside and will adore this incredible shop.

Awesome Orchids

plants pots and more

As you walk up to the door, you are surrounded by lush green and flowering plants, serene seating, stunning beds of river stones and then you haven't even entered the shop!
Every inch of this precious establishment is filled with exquisite nature inspired accessories. Each corner...and every space in expertly arranged by an artful eye to create spectacular vignettes.
Orchids clearly take center stage...but all the details that create the shop are intricately entwined to set this theatrical work of art.
You will find special treasures for any person you hold near and dear to your heart...or simply take time to spoil yourself with a gift to raise your spirit.
Butterflies, birds and all sorts of whimsy embellish the decor with a graceful elegance.
It is so clear that the owners not only take pride in their profession...but they truly love the environment in which they create. Thank goodness that this talented family opened their hearts, talents and world and allowed us to enter. From all of us who love what you do..thank you Eve, Alan and Martha! Please visit the shop website for more information...

Now go have an adventure, and start at Awesome Orchids in Sarasota!
Until next blessed and always bless others.


  1. Wow Sarasota I heard is very artsy..I love this shop you mentioned!

  2. Sarasota is full of wonderfully creative shops, galleries and people. I was filled with inspiration!!! Thanks for the comment...Blessings to you!

  3. Hi Melinda, so nice to meet you! What a great shop this is. Love all the displays, the cabinet with all the cubbies is just wonderful. Thanks for sharing and linking up with VIF!