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Friday, October 21, 2011

Zeeryp Cottage Before & After

Here is the next design renovation project on the grounds of the Island Inn on Sanibel...Zeeryp Cottage.

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The design for Zeeryp Cottage came very effortlessly. The space had great bones...but it was in desperate need of some TLC. For those of you who have followed my design work over the years...and may I say "thank-you" for all the support and know that my personal style is a pale wash of white and cream blended with antiques used in a modern way.

This cottage called to me on such a personal level. As with any project, budget was a concern. It was determined early on that I would need to use as many of the existing resources that the property had to offer. Back in the planning stages of this project, I went through years of collected mirrors, prints and lamps that were tucked away in storage. I found a series of old black and white bird photographs that were taken years ago here on the island by one of the shareholders of the Island Inn...Mr. Harold Lee.

Those photographs were the inspiration for the design of Zeeryp Cottage...Enjoy!

Walking out of this cottage for the last time tugged on my heart strings a bit. The space encompasses all the things that bring me so much joy on such a personal level...the beach, the sea air, the birds, the old black and white photography, the architecture and of course...the color palette.

Oh to the next project!

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

A Tour of Starkey Lodge...Before & After

Designing hotel rooms may not be the most creative challenge but it can be rewarding. The next phase of the renovations at the Island Inn include the rooms of Starkey Lodge...

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Inspiration for this old Florida beach front lodge can be found in our most prized treasure...the junonia.

This rare beauty can be found on our shell covered beaches...that is if you are a very lucky sheller!

I have never been so blessed as to find one, but I do have my jar filled with tiny junonia crumbs that I have found over the years.

The shell has a sleek slender shape and the creamy white field is peppered with rich brown spots. So simple, so elegant, so Sanibel!

The brown and white shell of the junonia was the starting point for the design...the island surroundings supplied the rest.

The rooms of Starkey Lodge...

   What a difference paint can make...

This charming lodge on the grounds of the Island Inn truly represents old Florida style. Starkey Lodge now has an updated look that enhances the charm and history of its past.

I hope you enjoyed the tour!

Friday, October 7, 2011

A Tour of Matthews Cottage...Before & After

Here is the next completed design project on the grounds of the Island Inn on Sanibel Island...


In 1885, the Matthews family came to Sanibel Island and built a beautiful beach front home. Their home quickly became the destination for friends and family who came to visit the Matthews and the little island paradise that is Sanibel. Soon the homestead grew into a charming boarding house...that proudly stands today as the historic Island Inn. The cottage you are about to tour is the old Matthew's homestead. I am so honored to have had the privilege of creating the design for this incredible historic cottage.

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The inspiration for the renovation of this beautiful old cottage is this sunset picture taken not far from the front door. Sunsets on Sanibel are spectacular. The sun slowly slips down into the Gulf of Mexico and the distant clouds burst into the most incredible palette of colors. Each little seashell sparkles in the evening light and it truly is like...well...magic.

Enjoy the before and after tour...

Click HERE for more information about the Island Inn and its rich history.

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I hope you enjoyed the tour. I will be posting more photos of the renovations soon.