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Monday, March 19, 2012

my kind of green...

I hope you all had a really nice St. Patrick's Day...
my weekend was inspired by the rolling green hills of Ireland.

I put on my favorite apron and spent some time in my favorite garden.

Listen along to the video below and get swept away to Ireland.

Time in my garden feels like I am far far away...maybe not as far as the Emerald Isle but I can daydream!

As you may know, I miss my gardening rituals of the North. Especially in the early months of spring. My favorite spring flowers won't be happy here so I am going to try to fool them. A little potting soil, a pretty pot and some lily-of the-valley...and voila...SPRING!

I'm sheepishly going to try several varieties. Oh, I sure hope they will grow...!

Next thing I know I have an interested little friend show up to keep me's Lizzy! She's obviously been hanging out on the rusty shelves between the terra cotta pots...she's turned a lovely shade of bronzish ochre!

She better watch out because Miss Peanut is out here somewhere...and she is a wicked lizard hunter!

It may not be the lush spring garden that I long for but I have really embraced Island gardening. My love of a white palette is even evident in my garden...

Okay Lizzy, you better comes the mischievous
Miss Peanut!

I have done my best to introduce a few special flowers, but succulents are really the happiest plants around here...

How perfectly sweet are these little fairy gardens in cockle shells? Love, love, love...!

It has been a gloriously green few days! I look for any reason to jump in the dirt...and theme dress in a perfect apron. I do love this vintage inspired beauty. It is no longer available at Anthropologie but they do have an awesome below to see more options...

click here...

If you love lily-of-the-valley as much as I do, please visit my online shop...

You can purchase this tiny treasure and...instant gardening gratification at its best!

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I do hope you had a wonderful weekend. This little story is dedicated to my grandmother

Anna Julia McMunn

an Irish lass, that in true Irish fashion, passed away on
St. Patrick's Day.

Here's to remembering your past...embracing who you are...doing what you love...and living life your way.

Wishing you all the Luck o' the Irish!

PS. Guess how my week began...with the arival of Victoria magazine's "Special Ireland Issue". Life is good!


  1. My Grandfather was Patric Joseph McMahon. he was born on St. Patrick's Day ( hence the name), and 97 years later, died on St. Patrick's Day. He, and grandma gracie were married for 76 years. They had 14 children. 13 survived to old age. people used to laugh and say, ' guess what patrick's hobby was". But I always said, " grandma didn't say no. When she passed, gracie had 74 grandchildren, and 21 great grandchildren, and 2 great great grandchildren. When the McMahon's get together, there's an empty Wal Mart somewhere.

    1. Thank you for sharing! Our family is just the Grandma was an only child and so is my Mom. Our family gatherings look like lunch for most folks! We may be small but we shop at Walmart too!!! Too funny! I wish you good health, happiness and many many blessings. Best to you and the entire McMahon clan!!!
      PS. I am a Josephine in honor of my great grandmother, Nanny Josephine! Thanks for the note...I got quite a chuckle!

  2. Melinda! Love your blog and am blown away by how pretty you still are - 28 years after our ice-skating days! Take care - Kathy (Kletzien)

    1. Thanks for being so sweet Miss Kathy. I think refusing to grow up keeps us least that's what I tell myself. Seems like yesterday when we were zipping around the little ice rink in Morgantown! I really appreciate you taking the time to read my silly little blog!!! I hope you are well and happy. Best to you and your family...
      Melinda (Mindy)