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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

bunnies in the garden...

Here on Sanibel Island...when it is bright, sunny and cheerful everyday it can be hard to imagine that the seasons ever change. Sunny, breezy and 80 degrees is hard to beat...but I do miss the excitement that accompanies the arrival of a new season. Easter is upon us and it feels more like mid-summer here on Sanibel. Dressing the shop for the upcoming holiday allows me to feel, at least a little, like change is in the air.

Here is a peek at Easter in my little shop...

I will never be too grown to play!

This section is a very garden inspired version of Easter...the bunny bounced right out of the yard and into the shop.

More images from around the shop are still to come!

I hope wherever you are...and however you celebrate...Easter brings hope, love and renewal into your heart and your life.


  1. shop looks beautiful, as usual.

  2. Thanks Pops! It really is hard to fake "Spring" down here. I miss the spring bulbs from home...but I really miss you guys the most. I hope you have a great Easter weekend. I'm sure your service will be wonderful!!!

  3. I just adore that urn with the pink rose bush in it, Melinda. Are those roses faux....?

    xoxo laurie