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Sunday, August 12, 2012

rainy day...

This has been a lazy Sunday, the clouds are lying low and steadily raining down upon the island. This is so unusual for Sanibel...
and I love it!

It is the perfect day to stay inside
and fulfill my domestic duties...

it's laundry day!

I love washing my collection of vintage pillows.
They need extra special care to preserve their
incredibly delicate beauty...

...but it's well worth the effort!

Some are made of vintage tablecloths and quilts...

...some are crochet

...and matelasse

...while others are embellished with doilies and embroidery.

Each one has a story...I even made a few on TV for an episode
of Home Matters on the Discovery Channel!

Even the tiniest little pillow gets my full attention.

This itty bitty candlewicked seashell pillow is precious.

I adore them all from big to small...

...but this beauty stole my heart!

If you would like to add to your vintage pillow collection,
take a peek at what treasures are awaiting you on my website...

click on image below to see vintage linens for sale

The rain has subsided
and the sun is now peeking through the windows.

My beautiful pillows are aglow!

I am so spoiled by the constant streaming sunshine that warms our little island. It makes rainy days so very special.
I hope you had a special day matter the weather.


  1. Rainy days offer the opportunity to explore and to accomplish tasks that often get pushed aside. I love these pillows and that tiny clamshell is adorable!

    1. Isn't it awesome to be able to elevate our domestic duties to the level of the domestic arts! Laundry day was amazing this week...I wish I always felt so rewarded by my other household duties. Thanks so much for the comment...

  2. Nothing like a Florida summer storm :-) We had a rather loud and wild thunderstorm earlier. It was accompanied by some loud rain as well. The lawn and gardens are giggling.
    I also had a lazy Sunday.
    Here's to a wonderful week ahead!!
    Cheers, Gee

    1. Thanks for the note...I'm glad your garden is giggling. Mine is too!!!

  3. That is just beautiful, Melinda- All your linens are gorgeous. We pray for a few days of sunshine in a row- xo Diana

    1. I will join in your prayers. Thanks for taking the time to leave another sweet note. Blessings to you, Melinda

  4. What a beautiful collection, Melinda! My fav is the embroidered one, too. :) We finally had a rainy day here Friday - and we needed it so badly. It was wonderful to hear those raindrops pelting the roof. My garden is smiling once again. :)

    xoxo laurie

    1. it's amazing what a good soaking can do. The lawn looks a bit greener and the flowers seem to be standing a little taller too. God is good!
      Thanks for leaving a note...
      Best always,

  5. Beautiful cushions and beautiful blog.
    Have a nice day