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Sunday, June 1, 2014

mina and clara...

Here are a few more pictures from the Romantic Homes magazine photo shoot of the beautiful roses at the Edison and Ford Winter Estates on the gulf Coast of Florida.

Mina Miller before she married Thomas Edison. She grew up and educated young lady with an appreciation of nature and her surroundings...

The Florida home of Thomas and Mina.
They escaped the cold North and spent winters at the lovely estate formerly known as the Seminole Lodge. 

The homes and grounds have been meticulously maintained
and are open to the public.

Walking the property is like stepping back in time...


Thomas Edison...

Mina created a beautiful oasis where she and her family loved spending time.

The gardens and greenhouses on the grounds were primarily Thomas' research gardens. He had species from all around the world. Mina missed the flowers from her Northern home so she found species that would thrive in the heat and sandy soil of the South.
The view of the rose garden from Mina's bedroom...

The “Safrano” tea rose introduced in 1839. The Safrano has been categorized as an Earthkind rose which means it has met the criteria for growing in tough conditions (minimal care, no extra water or fertilizers, and no specific pruning) over a 4 year trial period. 

Clara Ford, pictured here in 1923, had a love of gardening that stretched from her sprawling estate in Michigan all the way to her southern winter estate in Florida. Photo credit The Henry Ford.

Clara and Henry Ford's arts and crafts style home in Florida sits right next door to Thomas and Mina's home...
The beautiful “Marie Van Houtte” tea rose introduced in 1871.
Directly beside the front porch of the home sits Clara’s rose garden. It is but a small homage to her grand rose gardens in Michigan. Pictured here is the “General Gallieni” rose introduced in 1899.

The pristine white pergola that covers the walkway between the Edison’s home and guest house is flanked by incredible flowers including the “Mrs. B. R. Cant” Rose.

The “Louis Philippe” is a China rose that was introduced in 1834. Located in several locations around the Edison Estates, the “Louis Philippe” loves the warm tropical climate. The deep crimson color is offset by a pale blush center. As with antique China roses, the “Louis Philippe” also features the occasional white streaks.

Today visitors from all over the world can visit the lovely award winning estates Mina and Clara once called home. Although most people stop to learn about Thomas Edison, Henry Ford and all of their grand accomplishments, many leave inspired by Mina and Clara’s many beautiful contributions to the estates. Next time you see a rose, don’t just stop and take in the wonderful scent. Reflect for a moment on the history of this beautiful botanical treasure. It has not only been cultivated and studied for centuries but it has been loved and honored by generations.
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It was a pleasure to spend time wandering the grounds of the Edison and Ford winter estates. I hope if you are ever in the area you will stop in for a visit. In the meantime you can visit their website...
Go and smell the roses!

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  1. you seem to have a personal relationship with the flowers; how wonderful.