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Monday, September 7, 2015

it's not over yet!

Happy Labor Day everyone!!!
I love this time of year but for so many people it means the end of summer is near. Well it's not over yet. The first day of fall doesn't arrive until September 23rd. So take advantage of the beautiful days ahead. One way to pay homage to summer, the picnic season, is to create a lovely tray using vintage materials and images of antique seed packets.
In the summer issue of American Farmhouse Style magazine I featured an article on how to create a charming seed packet tray. Here's a peek at the article and the instructions follow...Enjoy!

Old tray, glass and wood backing
Small nails and hammer
Screws and screwdriver
Paint and paint brushes
Foam core
Photo paper
Copies of vintage seed packets and catalog covers
Craft glue
*Optional: pressed flowers 
Take apart the tray by carefully removing the backing and glass.
Paint frame and allow it to dry completely.
Sand the frame to give an aged appearance and wipe clean.
Cut a piece of foam core to fit inside the frame.
Print and cut out images of vintage seed packets and old seed catalog covers.
Arrange all of the cut-outs on the foam core.
Once the final arrangement is configured, make decoupage medium by mixing ¾-cup white craft glue and ¼-cup cool water in a bowl.
Paint a thin layer of decoupage medium on the back of each cut-out and secure in place. Allow the glue to dry completely.
OPTIONAL: glue dry pressed flowers and petals randomly
onto the ephemera.
Clean the glass and place it into the tray then gently
add the foam core as to not damage the paper or petals.
Secure the foam core into the tray by nailing small brads along the perimeter. Do not nail too closely to the corners
or the glass may break.
Reattach the wood backing to the tray.
Cut a piece a felt the size of the tray and glue onto the back. Allow to dry.
The seed packet tray is ready to serve...
This story was featured in the summer issue of
American Farmhouse Style magazine.
It's a beautiful publication from cover to cover!
 Serving up Style...

Trays aid in table service for outdoor dining and they make a charming addition to any picnic.

Make the most of the remaining days of summer!!!

Here are a few images of vintage seed packets you can download and print for your next project.

Thanks so much for visiting.
I hope you've had a wonderful Labor Day!!!

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