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Monday, June 27, 2016

sitting pretty

It's almost here...
the very fun, festive and patriotic 4th of July holiday!
It's a time to enjoy family, friends and a wonderful picnic.
The key word is ENJOY.
So don't fuss too much and make more work for yourself.
There are ways to make your picnic beautiful
without too much effort.

Think mix and match...

Dig through your cabinets and find anything
with red, white and blue colors.


A picnic basket and a vase of tiny flags
make a charming centerpiece.
 A small red votive cup
is a perfect vessel for a tiny blossom...

Red and blue vintage transferware mix effortlessly
with cheerful yellow dishes and pale aqua goblets.

Don't forget to pack the picnic before the fireworks!

Celebrate the holidays by making it
a beautifully memorable event for all of your guests...

...but keep it simple
so you can enjoy the festivities too!

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