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Monday, October 17, 2016

have a peek...

I decided to style and photograph my home
this year for my fall Surroundings article
in Romantic Homes magazine.
I love to share my personal style
and let people into my little world.
These are a few extras from the photo shoot.
I hope you will have a peek!
Although my home has a primarily neutral palette
I like to add a color or two each season.
This year it is blue and orange...

I love this dollhouse
and it made a lovely addition to the entry...

I can finally place my prized dry hydrangeas
front and center!
(who said you can't grow hydrangeas in south Florida)

Yes, my addiction to Ironstone is real!

Less isn't more.
More is more!
My antique French dress form
is getting into the spirit of autumn too.

For me, flowers are in season all year long...

These deep purple hydrangeas are perfection...

Here is my inspiration and my
"reason for the season"...
and his name is Pumpkin!

Thank you so much for taking the time to visit
my blog and my home!
I sure hope autumn is warming your heart
and you are enjoying the season...


  1. In picture #2 and #4, I love the couch slipcover. Where could I get one?

    1. Hello and thanks so much for visiting my blog. I found the slipcovers on They are called the ruffled slipcover color: natural. They are very affordable and have held up very well to wear and they are machine washable!