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Sunday, November 20, 2016

a child at heart

As the holidays approach, it tends to bring out the inner child in all of us. I know it does for me! I took a play on this youth-centric feeling and staged a charming guest room with vintage toys as holiday d├ęcor for my November Romantic Homes article...

It's time to play!

Here are a few extra images from the article
Awake Your Inner Child

Some precious aprons are layered with
vintage postcards  upcycled into ornaments...

a super cute red tricycle...

and an antique sled
taking a break from the snow...

Give your pillows a makeover by dressing them
in old handkerchiefs...

and a few look cute as napkins
next to Santa's cookie plate!

The entire November issue is so inspiring!
I hope you will take a peek and maybe your inner child
will awaken too!

Monday, November 14, 2016

feeling fall

As the leaves are changing and the air is cooling across most of's still 80 degrees and sunny on this tiny island. Sometimes my heart yearns for cool nights, warm blankets and apple cider. So to make me feel a little less homesick, I try to warm my heart and home with the colors and scents of fall. Here are a few pictures of my kitchen as seen in Romantic homes magazine...
The fall transformation all began
with this beautiful plate as the inspiration.

The pale blue and orange colors are perfect
for a southern fall color scheme.

I gathered blue and brown transferware,
dried hydrangeas and tiny orange gourds
to begin the transformation.

It might seem a little unconventional
to use vintage garden wares as part of a tablescape
but I am the queen or unconventional decorating.
I always throw the decorating "rules" out the window
when it comes to personalizing my home.

Fill your table with the things you love!!!

And don't forget to dress the part!
I love to be a girly girl
and I never miss the opportunity
to embrace the season.
Whether it's decorating my home from front door to back
or from dressing from head to toe!!!

Now I can believe that fall is here
and Thanksgiving is right around the corner!

I hope you too will follow my lead
and throw decorating rules out the window.
Decorate your home in a way that will bring you joy!

Don't forget to pay attention
to the smallest of details.
It will give the room an overall
cohesive finished look!

Fill your home with the joy and beauty of every season.
It will warm your heart and your home!

I try my best to "warm up" my home
and at least make it feel like fall...
even tough I can till see palm trees swaying outside my windows.
I can step outside and pick up seashells at the beach
then come inside and feel like I am back home in West Virginia.
The only thing missing are my family and friends!
Sending love, hugs and sunshine to everyone back home...