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Sunday, November 20, 2016

a child at heart

As the holidays approach, it tends to bring out the inner child in all of us. I know it does for me! I took a play on this youth-centric feeling and staged a charming guest room with vintage toys as holiday d├ęcor for my November Romantic Homes article...

It's time to play!

Here are a few extra images from the article
Awake Your Inner Child

Some precious aprons are layered with
vintage postcards  upcycled into ornaments...

a super cute red tricycle...

and an antique sled
taking a break from the snow...

Give your pillows a makeover by dressing them
in old handkerchiefs...

and a few look cute as napkins
next to Santa's cookie plate!

The entire November issue is so inspiring!
I hope you will take a peek and maybe your inner child
will awaken too!

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