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Monday, June 26, 2017

the quest continues

As you know...
I'm on a quest for organization!
I shared my desk redo using industrial elements.
Then I posted my bedroom tips using vintage oddities.
Now it's time to share my crafting clutter.
As usual I refuse to use new containers for my corralling of stuff.
So this desk gets a functional facelift by organizing with my collection of pottery.
I find a use for every shape and size of vase.
I placed a heavy metal frog in the bottom of this shell vase
which provides enough weight for the vase to become a bookend. 

Tall bud vases are perfect for holding fabric measuring tapes.

Extra large vases are just the right height for old rulers.

Small bowls showcase paint swatches from current projects.

The tiniest vases hold business cards and paint brushes.

A paint brush suspended across a shallow dish,
creates a wonderful ribbon dispenser.

Rectangular planters hold everything from paint palettes to miscellaneous craft supplies.

My absolute favorite desktop pottery organizer is this vintage strawberry pot. It is as beautiful as it is functional.
I love it!

Voila! An organized crafting station.
My prediction...
it will be a mess by day's end.

Creativity is born in clutter and chaos.
Or at least that's what I tell myself!
A messy crafter is a happy crafter...
Thanks as always for taking the time to visit.

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