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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Sunshine and Succulents

We are in the heart of summer and I am really missing my gardens of the North. I have been living on Sanibel Island for three years now and am learning to embrace an entirely new way of gardening.

I have tried to grow the plants and flowers that I love with little success. So it's time to implement my new approach...

Find a plant that is happy in the environment where you live and go for it with gusto.

So I am not going to fight it and hope for mounds of brilliant blue hydrangeas any longer.

It's time to bring on the succulents.

There is no shortage of sun or heat on this little island...

...and they look beautiful tucked into all sorts of special nooks and crannies.

Finding creative ways to grow succulents has made me miss my old flower gardens a little less.

Now I see how these sun loving beauties have influenced me in so many ways. Years ago I even did a segment for NBC's Later Today Show called...
Adding a soft touch to rock gardens with succulents.

And for those who shy away from their inner green thumb...I carry wonderful artificial succulents in my shop.

It's almost hard to believe that these are not real...

Even their shape seems to appear everywhere now...
Design has many influences, most of mine do come from nature.

I will never shy away from a gardening challenge. Being in the dirt is truly my happy place. How does the saying go...?

"Grow where you are planted."

I'm doing my best.


  1. Hello Melinda

    I have just happened upon your piece on succulents. Although I have no experience of them, you have quite won me over.


  2. My motto is, "Don't bloom where you're planted, bloom ALL OVER THE PLACE!!"