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Sunday, September 25, 2011

Where have I been hiding...?

It has been awhile since I have sat down to write...or do much of anything else but run around like a design lunatic. I have been working away on the remodeling/renovation of The Island Inn. It is the oldest inn on Sanibel Island and I have had the privilege to design the inn's new look. The day-to-day operation and facilitation has been quite a challenge but the results are totally worth the time invested. After revisiting my previous blog post it is clear to see the natural inspiration that influenced this design...
This is the first of many cottages to see. Each one is different and each one exhibits a unique design influence...all found right here on our wonderful little island.
This is Spoonbill Cottage and it will be the first of several to be featured in this blog.

As I was making one of many trips to my truck at the end of the day today, I looked more than two feet from my tire was an inquisitive little visitor. She sat and watched me for awhile...then I sat and watched her for awhile. Just over the grasses is the sandy shore of the Gulf of Mexico. After weeks of working only feet from the water I realized that I had not even one time sat and watched the sun set over the Gulf or taken five minutes to walk the 25 feet to the water's edge. Not tonight. I followed my little friend through the grass and down to the beach where I watched the pelicans soaring overhead.
This is why I am here and this is my inspiration.
A true gift from God.
I just needed a little nudge from a little friend...telling me that it's okay to slow down a take a look around. Appreciate the world around me and begin my search for new inspiration for the next project.  

What a wonderful and much needed ending to a chaotic and stressful week.
I have rediscovered my joy and found peace.

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