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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

My friend Walt

You know the expression "back to the drawing board"? Well, I desperately needed to step away from the drawing board in search of not only new goodies for my shop but for much needed inspiration. The Christmas season is clearly over and it is time for a new look for the new year. I never really change my look but I truly needed a spark of motivation. And this is how it began...

step one: go to bed early and set alarm for...gulp...6:00am
step two: put on my trusty old boots and jeans
step three: grab camera, cash and my favorite satchel
step four: find the nearest outdoor flea market
step five: happiness

You can take the girl out of West Virginia...but you can't take the West Virginia out of the girl...

I found just the right place! At the end of a long row of vendors sat a grey van, mounds of old wood and a charming new friend Walt. He is nearly 80 years young and is as sweet as he is cute! And quite the story teller as well. I learned that every year Walt fishes his way from Georgia to Ohio and collects all sorts of wood along the way: driftwood, gnarly old branches, boards off boats and chunky logs whittled by beavers! He takes his haul back to his work shed in Florida and makes wonderful treasures. 

His little trailer was just filled to the brim with the best collection of weathered old bits I've ever seen.

I couldn't live without a few of these great benches...

They went directly from the old drive-in to my shop.

And the hooks he makes from old wood and railroad spikes are nothing short of fabulous!

This one lasted 24 hours in the shop. I've already put in my request for a few more...I'm doing my best to keep my new friend busy.

I guess I have found not only my inspiration but I have also made a wonderful new friend. Sorry ladies...he's taken!!! The good news is that his lovely wife is an antiques dealer...what a great team!

Now it really is time to get back to the drawing board...

but that sure was fun!

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