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Monday, September 29, 2014

holding onto summer...

Since the last remnants of summer are fading away,
this is a good time to harvest a few succulents from the garden
and bring them inside.

One terrific way to extend the joy of this magical plant is to create a live succulent wreath.
Most times you seem them hanging on a wall or a door.
They might also appear on a tabletop
displayed around the base of a candle hurricane.
But I made a whimsical seat for an old rusty ice cream parlor chair. It may sound odd (and it is) but that's the beauty of it!

Try to find ways to bring bits of your garden indoors
before Old Man Winter appears.

When I lived in the North it would do wonders for my spirits to enjoy my miniature gardens during the dark cold days of winter.
I now live in a place of perpetual summer but I still love to find ways to bring bits of my garden inside.
Cheers to finding one more reason to dig around in the dirt.
I never need to have my arm twisted. As a matter of fact,
I think my garden is calling to me right now!
Time to play...

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