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Tuesday, January 27, 2015

getting cozy

Are you looking for a winter craft project?
Well this is the perfect time to bundle up and make some sweater inspired accessories to warm your heart and home...
Upcycled Sweater Projects

When I moved to Sanibel Island I had loads of sweaters that wound up in storage bags under my bed. It seemed silly to hang onto them so I sadly placed them in the "donate" bin. Most of my sweaters are vintage...go figure! They lasted about a week in the bin before I dug them out and tucked them back into the storage bag under my bed.
Well flash forward a few years and I was thinking of projects for the January 2014 issue of Romantic Homes magazine.
Finally...I had something in mind for a few of my favorite sweaters!

A stretched out cardigan and an over-loved
cable knit sweater became pillow covers...

A fuzzy knit was fashioned into this wonderful winter bag...

A couple of hoodies loaned there sleeves
for these charming vase covers...
they also look lovely with a candle inside!

You won't believe how easy this wreath is to make!!!

Finally a project for all of those socks that lost their mates!!!

The perfect hanger is a wool knee sock finished with
a vintage over-sized safety pin!

It's amazing how much sweaters warm a space...

I made this lampshade just for the article but it's kind of fun that my lampshade has a summer and winter wardrobe too!!! 

These ideas were featured in my January 2014 column in
Romantic Homes magazine...I hope you saw it!!!
So whether you moved to a tropical island like I did and you don't need all of your winter sweaters...or maybe you have a collection of sweaters your kids have out grown...give them new life!
It is cold in so many parts of the world right now...donate what you can to shelters in your area and use damaged or stained sweaters for your craft projects. Help where and when you can...then create til your heart's content!
Happy Winter Crafting....

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  1. Oh Melinda such beautiful repurposed treasures with those sweaters! I look forward to all your posts. Sanibel Island is my favorite place to visit and I hope to visit your shop some day. I love your beachy, chic comfy style. Everything you do is so creative and inspirational to me! ... Desiree