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Thursday, November 19, 2015

forever flowers

A few weeks ago I shared a few images
of how I fill my home with fresh flowers...

Well here is my favorite part about having fresh flowers...
they can be dried and given a second life!

Once the blossoms begin to wilt, tie the stems together
and hang them upside down.
Keep them in a warm dry place and away from direct sunlight
until the petals feel like paper.

I will make some into wreaths...

...sprinkle the petals about...

...and fill vases and baskets with beautiful bouquets.

I try to make the most of every single leaf and flower,
by adding essential oils to make fragrant homemade potpourri.

The next time you are thinking of purchasing fresh flowers,
consider blossoms that are terrific candidates for drying like hydrangeas, delphinium, roses, baby's breath, lavender,
straw flowers and liatris.
Drying flowers is an easy way to give your fresh flowers a second life. Since the holidays are right around the corner...
how about sharing some of your one-of-a-kind dried creations
and giving them as gifts this year!


  1. Beautiful ideas...I just made batches of all organic the beauty of dried flowers this way. Your wreath is beautiful.

    1. Aw thanks Miss Victoria! I bet your potpourri smells scrumptious! Thanks for visiting and leaving such a nice note. Hugs!!!

  2. You make everything around you so beautiful, Melinda. You are amazing. :) Hope you are doing well. You are always in my prayers! ♥

    xoxo laurie

    1. Thanks so much Miss Laurie! It is still very hot here...not sure but I bet you are getting hints of winter by now! I really appreciate your prayers. I hope you are well too. Hugs...