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Saturday, January 30, 2016

something new...

For my January article in Romantic Homes,
I wrote a feature about how to develop a new look by using accessories. January is the perfect month to give your home a fresh new look. Once all of the holiday décor is taken down and packed away...don't simply put everything back the way it was. Start anew. All you need is inspiration.

This beautiful Transferware platter was the inspiration for this entire dining room makeover! Here are a few images that you didn't see in the magazine. Have a peek at the before and after images of this fun room revamp...

It can be a bit depressing after the holiday celebrations are over and the décor is all packed away. So take this time to look at your rooms like a clean canvas just waiting to be adorned. Decorating will be a happy post holiday activity!
This dining room was transformed with accessories that coordinated with the incredible color palette of the inspiration platter...

The captain's chairs were gathered around a side table... 

...add a lamp and some soft details and this corner is complete!

This lovely antique side cart is ready to be dressed...

...with beautiful florals and tiny sewing accessories.

It is truly amazing how much accessories
can completely transform a room.
"Set" a table with reckless abandon...

Look for places to add whimsy.
Tying mini wreaths onto the backs of the chairs
adds a festive touch.

Even small pieces of ephemera can make an impact in a big way!

A serving cart is given new life when it is loaded with clever accessories in shades of silver and lavender.

Soft yarns are too pretty to keep in a drawer...

There are so many tiny touches in this room
that add so much joy to the overall look.

No need for elaborate frames.
Sometimes a pretty paper print can make a statement just as it is...

Soften a room with linens. This corner is transformed with pillows, seat skirts and a delicate piece of lace draped over the lampshade.

Of course you should add flowers into every nook and cranny!

This once empty space is now a charming vignette
created with a hodge-podge of accessories that come together
in a beautifully unexpected way!

Keeping to a predetermined color palette insures
that a room makeover will be cohesive.

Scour your home for mix-and-match odds-and-ends. It will be like a treasure hunt that will yield a beautiful transformation.
"Shopping" in your cabinets and closets is a fun
and inexpensive way to give a room a new look! 
This story was featured in the January issue of
Romantic Homes magazine...
Click on the cover photo for more information on the magazine,
lots of creative sharing and awesome subscription offers!


Thanks so much for visiting my blog!
I hope you found a bit of inspiration. Maybe a room makeover will be the perfect project to help you get through the winter doldrums.


  1. Just beautiful--Thanks for sharing!

    1. Thanks so much Miss Erin! I really appreciate you taking the time to visit and leave a comment!

  2. I am so honored and blessed to be friends with such an amazing, creative, and inspiring stylist! :) You are truly amazing, Melinda! I pray that you are doing well...and am looking forward to seeing you soon! :)

    xoxo laurie