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Tuesday, March 8, 2016

breakfast in bed...

I am so overwhelmed every time one of my articles comes out and I'm flooded with questions. Sometimes I forget that more of you read these articles than just my small inner circle of family and friends! I was asked so many times about the breakfast tray form the February issue of Romantic Homes that I finally realized it would be best to just share the instructions here!
So simple...

Here are the easy steps to follow to make a tray
perfect for serving someone you love
a special breakfast in bed.

Old picture frame
Shatterproof glass
Wood backing
2 handles with appropriate front face hardware
Mat board and foam core
Lace, linen or doilie
Small nails and hammer
Screws and screwdriver
Paint, paint brushes and sand paper
Craft glue
1.  Take apart the frame by carefully removing the backing and glass.
2.  Paint frame and allow it to dry completely.
3.  Sand the frame to give an aged appearance and wipe clean.
4.  Carefully mark the center of the two short ends of the frame to place the handles.
5.  Use a drill to start the holes in the frame so the wood does not split.
6.  Screw the handles into place.
7.  Cut a piece of mat board and foam core to fit inside the frame.
8.  Select a doilie or piece of lace to feature on the tray. Glue the linen in place with fabric glue.
TIP: To protect the integrity of a linen with sentimental value, sew it to a piece of archival quality mat board instead of using glue.
9.  Clean the glass and place it into the tray then gently add the mat and foam core.
10.  Secure the foam core into the frame by nailing small brads along the perimeter. Do not nail too closely to the corners or the glass may break.
11. Attach a wood backing to the tray with small wood screws.
12. Glue a piece of felt the size of the tray onto the back. Allow to dry.
The entire article including many additional romantic decorating ideas were featured in the February issue of
Romantic Homes magazine...

Thanks so much for visiting! I appreciate each and every one of you. Keep the questions coming...I'm more than happy to share!