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Wednesday, August 31, 2016

lace lanterns

I'm so glad that my little lanterns are a hit!
I had a number of phone calls and messages
about the lace covered lanterns from my last post.
I'm more than happy to share the how-to instructions...
but you really won't believe
just how simple they are to make!
What you will need...
canning jars
galvanized wire
scraps of lace
needle and thread
scissors and needle nose pliers
1. Wrap wire around the neck of the jar.
2. Twist ends together and tuck the sharp end toward the jar.
3. Make the hanger using wire 1" longer than the desired finished length (an upside-down U shape).
4. Feed each end of the wire hanger into the wire around the jar neck (between the glass and the wire)at opposite sides of the jar.
5. Using the pliers, bend the wire hanger ends up to create a loop and crimp the ends to secure.
6. Cut a piece of lace as wide as the height of the jar and as long as the circumference of the jar.
7. Wrap the lace around the jar and stitch in place.
Fabric glue works well too!
*For a finished look, tuck the edges under
and hem prior to wrapping around the jar.
The finished jars can be filled with water and fresh flowers
or put some sand in the bottom with a candle for a stunning lantern. As the candlelight filters through the lace
even the garden fairies will be impressed.

Lace can be used throughout the garden in so many different ways.
Just remember to use linens that already have stains, holes or tattered edges. Never use precious heirlooms or valuable collectables that will be damaged by the elements.
This project and many other ideas for using lace in the garden were first featured in Flea Market D├ęcor a few summers ago...

Thanks for the questions...keep 'em coming!

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