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Wednesday, September 21, 2016

the end of another chapter

Tomorrow is the first day of Autumn...
And beautiful inspiration is all around.
My version of fall changes every year.
I tend to be drawn to unconventional
seasonal color palettes.

This gorgeous page, out of an old book of poetry,
is so beautiful and inspirational.
It is a perfect yet unexpected autumnal palette!

Although I now live in a place where I am able to garden all year long, I will always cherish my fond memories of fall in my garden. Trying to harvest every last flower was a passion and I knew that it would be months before I could dig in the dirt again.

I remember cutting countless bundles of lavender
and hydrangeas to dry for my shop.

I will forever associate this beautiful window of time
as the season to put my garden to bed
and collect the fall harvest.
Dried lavender is an amazingly special scent.
It soothes the mind, body and soul...
Sachets make lovely hand-made gifts.

French milled lavender soaps and scented sugar scrubs
are perfect for pampering. 

Little Peanut loves her lavender bow...

This fall, look all around for your decorating inspiration.
Even in the pages of beautiful old books!

As they say...
when one door closes another one opens...
summer is ending but autumn is right around the corner!

Have a very happy First Day of Autumn,

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