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Friday, January 27, 2017

getting organized

Every January I set out to get things organized.
The one place that is always in need of a little extra help is my desk. I actually have multiple desks from home to shop so the daunting task just continues to mount. I try to beautify my surroundings as I go. It seems to help me feel like I'm decorating instead of actually "working". When it comes to organizing my desk and work areas, I like to repurpose old items I have in my collections. I can't seem to bring myself to purchase plastic bins and containers from office supple stores. Here are a few of my favorite upcycled wares I go-to for my organization...
It may seem like and unlikely pile of stuff to use for organizing.
But the vintage yumminess is hard to resist!
An old iron child-size shoe makers form is a perfect paper weight. Clean an rust off the metal and seal with a light coat of matte polyurethane to protect your desk surface and paperwork.
Small metal tins, like this old drill bit case, are just the right size for pen and pencil storage. 
Metal frogs can hold small paint brushes...

...and glass frogs can help sort colored pencils.

Decorative vases can also do the trick!

Keep tiny objects like paper clips, tacks and mini cloths pins in old glass bottles.

Corral these items in vintage wooden cheese boxes.

An old wood and metal brush can be great to hold mail and important business cards.

Never throw away old muffin tins! I use them to organize my desk, work stations and my potting tables too! They are small enough to tuck into a drawer.

It all comes together quite well!

Old baskets make ideal storage for larger items like my piles of architectural drawings.

I never pass up old suitcases when I'm out junking. I store everything from files to magazines to CD's. They are pretty stacked up as end tables too.

I might not love the process of organizing all of my stuff but I adore the finished look. Believe it or not, I can even get the organizing bug. It's contagious...

I hope you found a bit of inspiration. Just look around your house for things you can upcycle for your organizing projects! It's time for me to tackle the closets next...

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