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Wednesday, April 26, 2017

better late than never

In case you have been following my monthly musings, you might have noticed that I started my yearly organizational kick back in January. Well, it sort of fizzled out as quickly as it began. I do love it when everything is in its rightful place and I also love using vintage wares in upcycled ways. So here is the next phase of my journey on the road to an organized life...
starting with that dreaded under-the-bed black hole.
I always knew my hoard of random stuff would come in handy! I line up mix and match vintage drawers under my bed with the pretty handled side facing out. Then they can be filled with everything from books and magazines to belts and purses.

This old wooden hanger with clothes pins is transformed into a wonderful place to store and display delicate scarves.

I don't know what it was originally, but it works perfectly for scarves and jewelry. Making one would be as easy as can be...

I am in love with this metal tackle box!
The colors are a dream...

I cleaned it and coated it inside and out with mat polyurethane. Now it is ideal for a vanity makeup case.

Here is yet another use for my vast collection
of rusty old cheese graters...

A fun way to organize my earrings and bracelets. Be sure to clean them and coat with clear mat polyurethane to protect your counter tops and jewelry!

It feels great to get organized and I really love the way it looks. I have written numerous articles sharing upcycling and organizing ideas. These are some of my favorites! I hope you are inspired and are ready to get organizing too!

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