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Saturday, April 1, 2017

rushing the season

April is here and you know what they say...
April showers bring May flowers.
I am really fortunate to live in a place where I can garden all year around. But for many of you, it's far too soon to be digging in the frozen ground. I remember those days and I would be getting garden fever by now. One good cure was gardening indoors. I loved splitting my house plants and dividing the succulents.
Another way to cure garden fever is to decorate your space with vintage garden inspired treasures like these old hand tools and this handsome cherubic little guy...

I adore vintage metal trays like this beauty,
decoupaged with precious bird ephemera...

Bird and butterfly prints are also wonderful choices for garden inspired art. This lovely piece is actually framed embroidery. It is available for sale in my online shop...

Surround yourself with garden goodness!
Oh how I love anything to do with gardening
from digging in the dirt
to seeing each new bloom
to collecting vintage garden wares
to decorating my home with garden inspired treasures.
It's all wonderful!
Happy first day of April...

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