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Thursday, August 31, 2017

my kitchen

Not so very long ago I posted about my love of aqua...
like it needs to be stated...???
But I really do love it!
Maybe it's because I now live on an island
surrounded by the Gulf of Mexico.
The color is everywhere!
Even though I have been an interior designer for 24 years, if you follow my blog or articles in decorating magazines, you know that I don't "follow the rules". One rule (if we're going to call it that)I will follow is to fill your home
with inspiration from your surroundings.
A few years ago, my tiny kitchen was featured in the magazine Where Women Cook.
I even got the cover
(ignore me while I have my moment of overwhelming pride).
I have surrounded myself with beachy things, garden things
and the colors of the sea.
I would like to share it again in case you missed it...

Here is a little tour...
As you come around the corner into my kitchen, the first thing you will notice that it isn't fabulous. Or fitted with the best high-end cabinets or appliances.

I know those things are terribly important to some people.
I just want to love my kitchen and surround myself with things that make me smile...

I have an old salvaged farm sink that sometimes has to double as my potting bench. You know my addiction to lovely flowers... 

These are actually IKEA cabinets...

...but you know I would have to add my own flair.

The small table, pitchfork and mountain of vintage picnic baskets show my West Virginia country roots. 

Although I might not have what some would call a sophisticated palate, it doesn't mean I avoid my kitchen. Quite the contrary! I can make a mean peanut butter sandwich and a batch of my mom's chocolate chip cookies!

I am so honored to not only be in WWC but to be featured on the cover. It was really special. Plus it gave me the opportunity to show that I really don't follow any decorating rules. I surround myself with colors and objects that bring me joy. I sure hope you will do the same! Thanks for taking the tour...

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