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Tuesday, February 20, 2018

perk up

Getting droopy?
Not you...your Valentine's flowers silly!
It has been about a week so this is the time that beautiful floral arrangements start took look not-so-beautiful anymore and unfortunately they hit the trash. Oh no! Here is a short refresher on how to extend the life of your flower arrangements. 
Flowers are such a treat, especially when a lovely bouquet unexpectedly appears from someone special!

And it is a sad day when they start to droop. You can extend the life of your flowers by sorting through the arrangement and salvaging the perky blossoms.

Some flowers have the ability to last a long time once they have been cut. Alstroemeria has a very long life as cut flowers and they are often used in floral arrangements. Gently remove them from the arrangement, cut off spent blooms and leaves, and then cut the bottom of the stem at an angle. Place the newly prepped stems into a clean vase of cool water.

As roses continue to open, their heavy heads will droop. Simply follow the same steps from above. Cut the stems short then place them into a container that will help support the gorgeous full blossoms.

Even if their are only a few flowers that still look okay, you can place them into an old canning jar. It is an adorable way to create a rustic and informal bouquet to place in any room of your home.

As you take apart the floral arrangement, don't worry if a few flowers break off of their stems. They will be happy as "floats".

I like to pepper my home with floats. It's an easy way to be able to enjoy fresh flowers in every room of the house!

Mix-and-match vintage wine glasses are perfect for floating individual flowers.

I will get carried away and float flowers in all sorts of vases, glasses and unique planters.

So as you are looking at your drooping floral arrangements, step away from the trash receptacle! Find clever ways to extend the life of the perky flowers. It will give you so much more time to enjoy them. Everyone deserves a second chance...even the flowers. Just as a fairy (they always know what's best when it comes to enjoying flowers!).

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