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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

sea shell gown

The sea shell gown...start to finish.

It all began with an idea, a sketch and a pile of vintage lace, satin and tulle.

...and LOTS of sea shells!

Then is was time to construct the dress. I'm used to making pillows, tablecloths and window treatments...this pushed my sewing capabilities to the max.

Once every stich was sewn and was time to embellish.

Almost three months later...a magical, fairy-tale inspired, sea shell encrusted gown appeared before my eyes.

And how do you transport such a gown...?

Well, I embraced my West Virginia roots and jumped into the back of the truck!

Swallow the nerves it's showtime!

I was so happy to have these very sweet young ladies by my side...Miss Laura and Valya! 

Shellabration 2012 was a great off to the beach for an awesome photo shoot!

Thanks to all who participated and attended the event. Thanks to all who donated their time, talents and funds to raise money for the Sanibel Community House! But most of all I want to thank all those whom I love that made this time so very special.

PS. Thanks Meg for the great photos!!! I can't wait to share her pics from the Captiva Island photo shoot. More to come...