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Thursday, February 28, 2013

a few more...

I didn't just find beach treasures...
Here is the rest of the stash from my recent haul...Enjoy!

These old child sized shoe-maker forms are absolutely precious!

And my love affair with vintage jars is never ending!

The utilitarian "junk" makes me swoon!

This tin is quite old but it is in perfect condition.

There is just something beautiful about these old scissors...

Who knows what this little key will become but I simply love it!

Who can resist an old cloth tape measure...?
Not me!
The case has rusted to perfection and the reel is in terrific working condition.

All vintage garden items are irresistible to me...

This metal frog lid on this jar is heavenly...

I am pretty sure these garden tools will become handles for a little cabinet.

I adore this Vaseline jar!

...and I couldn't be more thrilled to find this tiny box still full of its tacks.

Yet another obsession of mine...
wooden, metal, drawers and tiny cigar boxes with the paper labels in tact

Don't hesitate to email or call the shop if you see a treasure that you can't live without.
Soon they will be transformed and lovingly placed in my Sanibel Island store 
or tucked into the pages of my online shop.

1 comment :

  1. Hi Melinda,
    I love the same kind of junk that makes you swoon...and I'm glad to be connected with another junk junky. I'm a new follower via Heaven's Walk. Looking forward to more of your great style!