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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

beach comber's lamp...

Some projects come together immediately...
others take a bit longer.
This one was a year in the making!

I found this wonderful old post light while out junking.
The patina was perfection but it was not in working order.   

It had all of the metal pieces
and the beveled glass was beautifully intact...
but it didn't have any of the screws or wiring.

I added the candelabra lights in three different heights...

Then after almost a year of searching for just the right base,
I found two wonderful old pieces of wood.
The colors were spot on! Then it just needed to be constructed.
My Mom and Dad were visiting and this was the perfect
Father-Daughter project!

My Mom and I share an obsession for shelling
so the finishing touches were and obvious choice!

All that needed to be done was a fine top coat of a matte polyurethane to protect the patina.
It was a great deal of fun
and now I can't wait for the next project!!!
I love my job...and my awesome parents!



  1. Replies
    1. Thanks Gee! It was one of my favorite projects I've done in a while. It already has moved to a new home. Some things are harder to part with than others...this was one of the hard ones!