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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

vintage beach treasures

Work has been so busy that I have not had many opportunities 
to scavenge for more vintage goodies for the shop.

Upon finishing a magazine photo shoot out of town last week
I was able to sneak away for a little treasure hunting!

Yippee...I struck it rich!
Here are a few vintage beach inspired treasures
that will soon be added to our retail and online shops...

This vintage tin is the epitome of a vintage beach treasure!

The painted metal lids of these old jars are a beautiful sea blue...
and I love this vintage wooden handled jar opener!

This watercolor is dated 1967 and says Fort Myers Beach...

How sweet are these pelicans...?
I found a box full of these huge arrowhead sand dollars...
...and a bushel basket of whelks from the Florida Keys!

I love anything that has to do with the beach...can you tell?
Please email or call the shop if you are interested
in any items before they are put out for sale.

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