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Tuesday, March 4, 2014

playing dress up

After a few straight weeks of sewing I was finally ready to show my little dresses. It was a fun event in the most beautiful setting. Here are a few pictures...

We are so fortunate here on Sanibel Island to be able to have outdoor shows year round.
It was the perfect day in the perfect setting...

This is the dress I comfy!

Here are just a few examples of the dresses I had at the show...



To see all of the pictures of the dresses that I have made please visit my Surroundings by Melinda Facebook page...
I hope you see something you like!


  1. You made all those yourself? Wow, you're very talented! I love Sanibel - we used to go every year when I was a teenager.

    1. I do make the dresses. I try to always have some in my little shop. Nothing fancy...they're just fun and easy. Perfect for casual island living!

  2. Hi Melinda! Looks like a wonderful event. I bet your Sea Tee dresses were a big hit!! I am truly amazed at all you are able to create. Thanks for the peek into your world! Pam in Virginia

    1. You are welcome to take a peek whenever you like! Thanks so much for leaving a note...have a terrific day and thanks for stopping by for a look.

  3. I would love them all in my closet!!:)