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Sunday, October 25, 2015


A few years ago I wrote an article on how to create charming
trick-or-treat bags. They are very easy to make and once you see the directions, you can let your mind go wild and really
push the limits of your creativity...


Thread and embroidery floss, needles
Miscellaneous fabric, lace and trim
Vintage rhinestone jewelry
Glue gun
Needle nose pliers 

Sketch the outline for the treat bag onto the felt. The black cat, pumpkin and skull are all simple, easy and traditionally iconic
symbols of Halloween.

 The treat bag can be the shape of the design or it can be placed on a rectangle of felt. Cut out the design as well as the front and back of the base of the bag. Use a different colored felt and cut out two rectangles slightly larger than the design.

Begin to add embellishments. Mark areas for hand stitched details and experiment with decorative buttons.

Create detail with hand stitching then secure buttons in place with needle and thread or a touch of hot glue.

Center the design onto the backing rectangle of felt. Carefully glue in place with a small bead of hot glue or fabric glue.

Line up the front and back panels of felt and stitch around the
sides and bottom leaving the top open.

Determine the length you would like for the handle. Measure out the determined length for the handle then add two inches. Cut the wire and loop one end. Fill the wire with decorative beads leaving one inch to create a loop at the end.

Stitch both looped ends to the open corners of the bag. Finish with a touch of hot glue to secure the handles in place.

Finish the treat bag with bits of vintage jewelry and lace for a touch of romantic Victorian elegance. 

Halloween is a time for over the top décor and embellishments. Embrace your inner gilded goddess and create a truly special and one-of-a-kind goodie bag.
Or maybe you will need a charming clutch to carry to a Halloween costume party this year! Be creative and don’t hold back. Surround yourself with excess ornamentation on All Hallows Eve! 

It will be a joy to make and a delight to give. Fill it to the brim with splendid candies for someone special. I hope you are inspired to make a frightful and delightful Halloween bag this year!

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