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Wednesday, September 13, 2017

cute condo ...part two

As promised...
here is part two of the cute condo tour.
The unit is only a one bedroom,
but size doesn't matter!
It's so beautifully beachy
with a touch of classic elegance.
The color of the driftwood toned hardwood floors is reiterated throughout the room. The top of the bedside tables...

The pattern and the colors of the accent pillows, mirrors the palette of the living and dining areas.

The inspiration is truly the surroundings...
...the Gulf of Mexico...
There are no better accessories
than the ones made by Mother Nature.
Every bedroom needs to have an area for reading, dressing or simply daydreaming. 

Lighting is also important in bedrooms.
Candlelight is always in style...

The sunlight streaming through the windows highlights the incredible treasures from the sea.

I would like to think that if a mermaid needed a home on land, this just might be her choice!
Thanks for taking the tour...

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