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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

The Butterfly House

This place is enchanting...

The path opens to a wonderful butterfly bench...

...then you happen upon a sweet little gazebo.

Every detail is spectacular!

After a brief pause, the tour continues along the beautiful brick path...

Passing wonderful sculptural elements like this simple bird feeder with an aged copper roof.

The walk becomes an adventure as you cross tiny waterways that lead to majestic pools.

Every step is more like a shuffle as not to disturb the true residents of this most wonderful place!

And it is not just home to butterflies...

If you sit still long are bound to have a curious visitor stop by.

The blue blur next to my ear is a giant blue butterfly!

At rest they appear to have a dozen eyes gazing back to you...

Then she opens her wings...and she is dressed to impress!!!

Now this little guy is quite impressive too...

A trip to the Butterfly House made me think about countless hours in my garden. I would hope and hope to just catch the slightest glimpse of a fairy at dusk. I once thought for certain that I had. As an adult I could rationalize that it was just a butterfly...but why would I want to do that. It only took a moment once I walked in the door to be transported back in time. I am a little girl again...

Deep down inside I have to wonder if the fairies are tucked inside the garden of the conservatory just waiting for the magical hour to pop out and dance in the moonlight.

It was a wonderful day... 

The End


  1. The pictures just get more beautiful on each installment. Thank you.

  2. love it. you look like a fairy princess in the enchanted garden.your biggest fan

  3. Thanks guys!!! Miss you bunches and bunches.