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Monday, December 5, 2011

Desk Project

I have never shied away from a project and here is my latest...

I found this great old claw foot desk for a mere $40 and decided I must have it! Only problem...

It was wobbly at best...and in pieces.

First things first...get rid of the wobble.
Thank goodness for wood glue...

...and long clamps!

Next was to assemble the top like a puzzle and make sure that it was not missing any boards.

Then the sander did over-time. The delicate claw feet had to be done by hand.

Now it was time to stain the base and pen drawer.

The desk is not terribly heavy but it is large and cumbersome for one (me). So I decided to carry it up to its new home prior to assembling the top.

Once the top was all back together, safe and secure, it was time to stain the top to match the base.

A protective coat (or four!) of polyurethane was all that was needed to finish my project.

Voila! My new desk in its new home. So pleased!!!

I could not have done it without years of watching my dad refinish furniture. Normally I am the first to paint an old piece of furniture white and call it a day. But not this time. This grand old boy deserved to be brought back to his original glory.

Thanks Dad for the lessons, encouragement and tips along the way!!!

I love my Dad.


  1. You give me too much credit; you did a great job, as always.

  2. Thanks Pops!!! But you do deserve all the credit in the world.