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Monday, December 12, 2011

A Look into Hemingway's Home...

If ever there was a question as to whether or not I am a lucky girl...the answer is yes! I was so fortunate to be taken on a special surprise trip to the Keys for my birthday last month. Even though I live on an island in the Gulf...sometimes a change of scenery is still needed. What a treat to take a boat ride down to the Keys and spend the weekend with my sweetheart, Scott. It was not only relaxing...but it was also inspirational. This will be the first of several postings on the sights and wonders of the Keys that brought me great joy...and inspiration!

Ernest Hemingway's Home

  Ernest Hemingway
American author and journalist
 07/21/1899 to 07/02/1961

I was so taken by the simple, quiet elegance of the home. Even the understated bathrooms were adorned with small crystal chandeliers. The sunlight rooms were filled with a select few antiques. The gulf breezes filled the air...and Hemingway kitties were speckled throughout the grounds. Looking at the collection of works by Hemingway made it seem like he had just stepped out for a stroll. It was as though he just might peek in to see what all the fuss is about.

After browsing through my pictures it was obvious that the bones of the building intrigued me the most: from the doors to the windows and shutters, from the staircase to the detailed railings and rafters, from the built-in cabinets to the beautiful fireplaces. It is beautiful from front door to back.

Stay tuned for pictures of the grounds and more members of the Hemingway family...

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