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Friday, December 9, 2011

Christmas in my little shop...

Looking forward to the Christmas holiday has been a bit of a challenge for me ever since I moved to Sanibel Island. It is beautiful, sunny and warm. Not a snowflake in sight. It just hasn't felt like Christmas. It has also been hard to focus on Christmas with client deadlines looming and photo shoots filling the days. But today something was different. I was finally able to take a moment and sit quietly in my shop. As the Christmas music filled the air, I looked at every little square inch of my shop and I realized that this is new Christmas. Seashells adorn the wreaths...sand dollars nestle in between mercury glass ornaments and a few paper mache churches on the trees...gilded birds and butterflies float through the parasols hanging from the ceiling...the tables, antique bed and cabinets are dressed in their finest vintage lace and blankets...and old ice skates and metal runner sleds are right at home, even though there is not a hint of ice or snow for miles. This is my new Christmas and my new life. I hope you enjoy a peek into Surroundings...all decorated for my new Christmas!

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Sometimes it just takes a while to find your way. It has taken me a few years. For the first time this feels like home. Happiness has a great deal to do with it...and I am happy. I wish the very same for everyone this holiday season!

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