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Friday, January 8, 2021

stitched with love

 For those of you who sent a note and asked about the quilt angel in the post from January 1st, I can't share where I purchased it.

Because I didn't buy it, I made it! And it is so easy to make. I have shared vintage quilt projects in the past, I have even shared them in magazines. I'm happy to share it again.

Here is a quick tutorial...

I don't have a pattern that I use, these are the basic shapes. Remember you need two identical pieces for a front and back for the head, body and arms.

Once stitched wrong sides together, turn it right side out and fill with batting. You can even add dried lavender and rose petal potpourri to create a scented sachet.

I create a retro 1930's hair style with yarn. The face is simply two light blue dots with a fabric pen and pale pink cheeks. Use your creativity and make any hairstyle in any color you wish: red braids, brown curly locks or long blond tresses.

For the wings, I find an old doily and weave a circle around the outer edge with wire. Then pinch the circle together in the center to form a double wing shape.

Fasten the wings to the back with stitches or hot glue. Then embellish your angel in any way you like.

I like to bring the arms together in the front to give the appearance of praying. Sometimes I place a starfish in her arms or flowers or a vintage ornament.

These precious angels can be made in any size. These are just a few tips to get you started. Use your imagination to create your special angel. This is a wonderful project for beginners just learning to sew!

And please don't worry, no quilts in good condition were harmed in the making of this angel. I use something called a cutter quilt for my craft projects. Cutter quilts are damaged and in very poor condition, yet there are sections salvageable for projects. These quilts are found at yard sales and thrift shops for just a few dollars.

Do you have a favorite craft project that you have enjoyed making during the pandemic? I lost my creative way for a bit, but revisiting things I've made in the past is helping to restore my joy.

Feel free to share your project ideas,
I love to be inspired by others!


  1. The results look like a very expensive one of a kind piece from a boutique

    1. I think you must have been online when I published this post! The quickest comment ever. You're so sweet and encouraging. I appreciate it so much. Hugs!!!