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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

forget-me-not memories

It is no secret that I am spending a great deal of time gardening and reflecting on years of time spent knee deep in the dirt. This post continues the journey...

Is there a more perfect flower to remind us about Memorial Day than the forget-me-not...?  Coming back to the shop after a wonderful Memorial Day weekend...I couldn't wait to rush into the garden and check on all the new arrivals.

I started taking these pictures ten weeks ago with no particular plan for a story. Today it all came together...

As you know, I try to create a home away from home on this beautiful island. And I try to surround myself with things that remind me of my wonderful family up North.

It may be a leap of faith to attempt to plant forget-me-nots here on Sanibel...but what a great challenge!

So back in March I decided to jump in...even if it may be considered by most to be a tiny step.
I planted a few seeds in peat pots on my potting bench.
They needed to be protected from the harsh island sun and be in a place to get lots of attention.
All I had to do was sit back and wait...and water...a lot!

It didn't take long for the first little seedlings to appear...

They grew...and grew.

As I waited for the first bloom,
I seemed to see forget-me-nots everywhere...

They grew stronger every day...

Then the day after Memorial Day it happened!

Even a tiny blue blossom can carry great importance. Within those little petals I see the past...

I think of my grandfather who selflessly served this country so many years ago...

I think of spending time with my Mom in her garden...

and now with the first foret-me-not blossom in my garden I am blessed to be making new memories here on Sanibel Island.

I hope you had a wonderful Memorial Day...

Remember all of those service men and women
who bravely fought for our freedom.

Summer is officially here so go make memories!


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  1. Interesting to see if you can make an Alaskan wildflower thrive on Sanibel Island!