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Friday, May 18, 2012

getting organized...

All thrifty treasures seem to wind up in my garden lately...
is it an obsession?

Let's call it a healthy obsession!

This poor little dented metal box is so perfect
for the potting bench...

These old lid-less canisters...

...are awesome!

Can you believe this old glass frog perfectly fits as a lid?


This old divider box once held nuts, bolts and nails... he cradles baby succulents.

Could these old scissors be any more wonderful?

I love old egg baskets and I have quite a few in my kitchen.

This one won't make it to the kitchen table!

I took this carpenter's box insert out of an old tool box that I made into a planter.

It can now help me get organized!

What can you do with an old picket from a fence?

How about a sconce? Yippee!!!

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I love playing in the dirt!
I hope you have many happy planting days ahead...

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