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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

petals and planters

Here is the new garden inspired section of my shop...

great home accessories

vintage straw hats and gardening books

and loads of flowers and planters

this old window is the most wonderful mirror...
the center panel actually swivels

these old wooden folding chairs are incredible

take a closer look at the time worn patina created by layers and layers of paint

these French milled large brick soaps are the perfect gift for an avid gardener

once utilitarian garden tools are officially retired...
bring them inside and appreciate their beauty

There are always great vintage garden accessories on our online shop

Did you see this little guy peeking through the hydrangeas?

It is a metal cut out topiary back lit with a refillable votive candle. So beautiful by day or by night. It stands 11" tall and has an incredible faux-aged mossy paint finish.

It has been marked down from $30 to only $15!
Just click on the image to see this awesome candle holder and many other treasures.

I am so in love with gardening. It will be no time at all before I can unveil our new outdoor vintage garden shop...I can't wait!!!

Wishing you days full of blossoms and sunshine...


  1. I'm sure your new garden center will be as creative as everything else you do

    1. I am really excited! The guys should be here any minute with the stones and gravel. Now I'll never want to come inside...I'll have to leave a jar on the shop counter and we'll work off the honor system. I need to make an "I'm in the Garden" sign ASAP!

  2. I feel very at home here!
    think I'll stay a while ... heehee

    1. So honored to see you here...stay as long as you wish!!!

  3. Hi Melinda! Your shop is just GORGEOUS!!! I would love to have the chance to look around's so nice to "meet" you ~ thank you for your friend request and for your sweet words about my blog, it's always wonderful to make a new friend!! hugs and love, Dawn

    1. I am thrilled to meet you too! I do love your style so very much...and anything bird, nest or egg related and I'm hooked. My Mom's family name is Bertie...say no more! Thanks for being here. Hugs and love to you too...Melinda

  4. Gorgeous shop, Melinda! I can hardly wait to check it out next March!! :)

    xoxo laurie