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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

special delivery

In this modern day of emails and text messages...
I am so glad that we still have mailboxes.

Real mailboxes...not virtual ones.
Today I received a special delivery from my very sweet Mom.

She carefully packaged some tiny little treasures from her garden into a cardboard box, crossed her fingers and shipped them off to Sanibel Island.

As with many Northern gardeners, I took quite a few things for granted. Hostas are one of many of those things. This little beauty has already found a home among the ferns and bromeliads bathing in the dappled light of the palm trees. I had to give her a few shells to welcome her and let her know that her long dark journey has brought her here to a tiny island surrounded by seashells. Now we are both transplants from West Virginia!

I look back now and cringe at the thought of all those encroaching hostas that were ripped from my gardens. I did my best to find them homes, but unfortunately some didn't make it. Now I long for my lush shade gardens. Truth be told...I just long for shade!

I miss the days of gardening close to my Mom. We would so often share plants...never returning a flower pot empty. I was given the best gift today. The gift of love and wonderful memories...the hosta was awesome too!

There were some other treasures tucked down inside the box. I can't wait to find them homes...
and share more pictures and stories with you!

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like this gorgeous old transferware platter.

I'm glad I have the opportunity to let the world know just how special my Mom truly is...

I am a lucky girl!

I love you Mom


  1. What precious treasures from your mama, Melinda!!! I just love that she mailed these to you :) It's wonderful knowing they came from her yard and her loving hands ~ I hope you enjoy it all so much...and that you're having a great week! hugs and love, Dawn

    1. Thank you for the note Miss Dawn. I love and miss my sweet Momma. She is always with me and now she's in the garden. I hope you have a week filled with laughter and happiness!!!

  2. what a wonderful blog; thanks very much.

    1. Thanks Pops! I appreciate all you guys do for me and I miss you very much. I hope you are enjoying your garden. Love you!

  3. Hi Melinda! I just stopped by to say Hi! and tell you I found your online store over at Common Ground's Monday Marketplace #14. Every single thing about your store speaks to my heart and soul. I love vintage finds, old chippy painted wood and especially china adorned with roses. What a happy place to shop. Robyn