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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

forget-me-not memories

It is no secret that I am spending a great deal of time gardening and reflecting on years of time spent knee deep in the dirt. This post continues the journey...

Is there a more perfect flower to remind us about Memorial Day than the forget-me-not...?  Coming back to the shop after a wonderful Memorial Day weekend...I couldn't wait to rush into the garden and check on all the new arrivals.

I started taking these pictures ten weeks ago with no particular plan for a story. Today it all came together...

As you know, I try to create a home away from home on this beautiful island. And I try to surround myself with things that remind me of my wonderful family up North.

It may be a leap of faith to attempt to plant forget-me-nots here on Sanibel...but what a great challenge!

So back in March I decided to jump in...even if it may be considered by most to be a tiny step.
I planted a few seeds in peat pots on my potting bench.
They needed to be protected from the harsh island sun and be in a place to get lots of attention.
All I had to do was sit back and wait...and water...a lot!

It didn't take long for the first little seedlings to appear...

They grew...and grew.

As I waited for the first bloom,
I seemed to see forget-me-nots everywhere...

They grew stronger every day...

Then the day after Memorial Day it happened!

Even a tiny blue blossom can carry great importance. Within those little petals I see the past...

I think of my grandfather who selflessly served this country so many years ago...

I think of spending time with my Mom in her garden...

and now with the first foret-me-not blossom in my garden I am blessed to be making new memories here on Sanibel Island.

I hope you had a wonderful Memorial Day...

Remember all of those service men and women
who bravely fought for our freedom.

Summer is officially here so go make memories!


Wednesday, May 23, 2012

special delivery

In this modern day of emails and text messages...
I am so glad that we still have mailboxes.

Real mailboxes...not virtual ones.
Today I received a special delivery from my very sweet Mom.

She carefully packaged some tiny little treasures from her garden into a cardboard box, crossed her fingers and shipped them off to Sanibel Island.

As with many Northern gardeners, I took quite a few things for granted. Hostas are one of many of those things. This little beauty has already found a home among the ferns and bromeliads bathing in the dappled light of the palm trees. I had to give her a few shells to welcome her and let her know that her long dark journey has brought her here to a tiny island surrounded by seashells. Now we are both transplants from West Virginia!

I look back now and cringe at the thought of all those encroaching hostas that were ripped from my gardens. I did my best to find them homes, but unfortunately some didn't make it. Now I long for my lush shade gardens. Truth be told...I just long for shade!

I miss the days of gardening close to my Mom. We would so often share plants...never returning a flower pot empty. I was given the best gift today. The gift of love and wonderful memories...the hosta was awesome too!

There were some other treasures tucked down inside the box. I can't wait to find them homes...
and share more pictures and stories with you!

If your heart yearns for lush green shady days and your home decor reflects your love of gardening click the image below for beautiful vintage garden inspired wares...
like this gorgeous old transferware platter.

I'm glad I have the opportunity to let the world know just how special my Mom truly is...

I am a lucky girl!

I love you Mom

Friday, May 18, 2012

getting organized...

All thrifty treasures seem to wind up in my garden lately...
is it an obsession?

Let's call it a healthy obsession!

This poor little dented metal box is so perfect
for the potting bench...

These old lid-less canisters...

...are awesome!

Can you believe this old glass frog perfectly fits as a lid?


This old divider box once held nuts, bolts and nails... he cradles baby succulents.

Could these old scissors be any more wonderful?

I love old egg baskets and I have quite a few in my kitchen.

This one won't make it to the kitchen table!

I took this carpenter's box insert out of an old tool box that I made into a planter.

It can now help me get organized!

What can you do with an old picket from a fence?

How about a sconce? Yippee!!!

If you are looking for special garden inspired treasures

please take a peek at what's new at our online shop...

Like the shelf..?
Click on the image for details...

In need of some glass frogs...just click and go!

I love playing in the dirt!
I hope you have many happy planting days ahead...

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

petals and planters

Here is the new garden inspired section of my shop...

great home accessories

vintage straw hats and gardening books

and loads of flowers and planters

this old window is the most wonderful mirror...
the center panel actually swivels

these old wooden folding chairs are incredible

take a closer look at the time worn patina created by layers and layers of paint

these French milled large brick soaps are the perfect gift for an avid gardener

once utilitarian garden tools are officially retired...
bring them inside and appreciate their beauty

There are always great vintage garden accessories on our online shop

Did you see this little guy peeking through the hydrangeas?

It is a metal cut out topiary back lit with a refillable votive candle. So beautiful by day or by night. It stands 11" tall and has an incredible faux-aged mossy paint finish.

It has been marked down from $30 to only $15!
Just click on the image to see this awesome candle holder and many other treasures.

I am so in love with gardening. It will be no time at all before I can unveil our new outdoor vintage garden shop...I can't wait!!!

Wishing you days full of blossoms and sunshine...