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Saturday, May 16, 2020

succulent art

This is for my gardening friends:
you know who you are!
And I miss you all terribly...

Succulents are wonderful additions to any garden. I have always loved them, but since I've become a southern girl, I adore them.
They are all throughout my property, but I have my main beauties on my porches. I would like to share what I do with my baby succulents.
I make succulent art...

The process is simple.
You will need:
shallow dish
small pebbles
cactus soil
tiny decorative pot
baby succulents
white crushed shell or rock
Fill the bottom of your container
with a layer of clean pebbles.
Add cactus soil, or any well draining soil mix on top of the pebbles. Fill to 1/2 an inch below the top of the container.
Center the decorative pot (or vintage tea cups work well too) and bury all but the facing. If you have any broken or chipped tiny containers or tea cups, this is the perfect project for them!
Begin arranging your succulents. Start with the largest in the center and work your way out.

You can also used cuttings for this project!
Plant all but the tiniest succulents. Then carefully add a layer of clean decorative crushed shell over the entire surface of soil.
Use a skewer to poke holes through the shell to place the tiniest succulents as a lovely and delicate finishing touch,
It's an easy project that takes almost no time! And I think you will be thrilled with the result!
I suggest instead of watering, coat the surface of the entire container with a mister. Especially if your container doesn't have a drainage hole. Succulent roots and cuttings are very sensitive to root rot. So to avoid over watering, a mister will do the trick!
I sure hope you will try this.
No green thumb necessary!


  1. your biggest fanMay 22, 2020 at 11:33 AM

    I love succulents and this is really different. I might even try it since you have given easy to follow directions. It looks difficult.