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Wednesday, May 27, 2020

cheerful yellow

Yellow is such a cheerful color.
It's also my mom's
favorite color!
I wanted to show how touches of yellow,
and garden themed accessories,
can transform a simple
pale blue and white guest room
into a summery retreat.
Replace the ordinary bathrobe with vintage aprons.

Place a few yellow mix and match accents on the bed.

Old books and color pencils can make for inexpensive and unexpected accessories.

Natural or realistic plants and flowers are a must to maintain a garden theme.

Things don't have to be a perfect match. Just keep to a color palette and theme to keep the room cohesive.

Charming birdhouses look right at home.

Vintage tins with floral designs are perfect.

Whimsical garden statues make wonderful guests.

Antique garden hand tools make a lovely display.

A sun hat and drying flowers complete the look.

Now kick off the garden boots,
have a cup of tea
and enjoy your hard work!

I have always said that designing rooms with a simple neutral palette are the best ways to allow for seasonal decorative changes.
Cheerful sunshine yellow is the perfect
color palette to kick off summer!


  1. such an eye for color, unlike mine.

  2. I love the easy and inexpensive ideas.The colors blend together nicely. I love yellow because it is cheerful.